Fun Fantasy Novel: Chapter 1.1 – Blood and Rain

The skylights of the city, brightens even the darkest areas, the people live in fear, govern by the law of this place, the innocent are spit upon, the cruel rules. From the top of the abandoned clock tower of Waterfront district of Ku’ruchin, I stayed in the shadows thinking, there is only me and my thoughts accompanying me now, and my trusted blade Shinigami.

I have lived thru this time, have seen many evils, the things that people would do for money, for power, and how the weak have defended themselves against the cruelty that befall them, but alas, have failed, thrown into prison camps, to be “EDUCATED” into good well mannered citizens. This I know is mainly called brainwash or re-education camp, those that came out are at most changed, those who is lucky enough forgot who they are or who they are and some just become insane, where most that are unfortunate become a vegetable or a mutated monster from the science done unto them.

These creatures of science are let out into the city to prey on the weak, looking for the family they once knew, not for comfort, but to end their torment when they were born into this world. Better to be dead than to suffer in this cruel devastated planet they call home, that thought came to my mind as quickly as I brushed it off. Yes… they do deserve such, it’s never too great or something to be proud of to be born on this planet called earth. There is no peace here, there is only death, and only through death they can attain that peace. But I am – never so evil; there was a time when I was, and saved before I could fall into that eternal darkness, there I was trained not to dwell into that art, where I almost was taken over by my inner-demon and have promised myself to not fall into darkness ever again, where I have fallen before and have been raised again to cleanse my dark blood with the blood of those that brings injustice to this city. To protect those in need, those who seek help when there was none who can give it.

I am not a Hero; I never wanted to be one. But destiny have lead me to this road as I made an oath to my sword and on the day I swore to get vengeance to my love that I have lost. The memories of that event still linger in my mind to this day and would trade my life for hers, to be with her again.

The rain falls slowly, and then falls heavily, every drop I feel on my body tells me that even the weather knows of my sadness that I have been experiencing. My black overcoat is wet, the bandages around my right arm is sticking unto my skin, tightening my muscles. But even with the rain falling heavily I couldn’t be bothered looking for a place to shelter myself, the coldness of today cant do anything to heal my heart, to douse the anger that is building within my very soul – this anger can only be suppress when the citizens are safe from danger lurking in the shadows of this city and in every corner.

My sixth sense told me there was a threat coming, slowly inching its way into my direction. From the dark alleyways, two shadows kept on running – and running, something was chasing them as the fear on their faces showed that. A mother and daughter perhaps, from their appearances it would seem they are, and my thoughts came to me again. What would he be doing during this time I think to myself, he usually avoids conflict altogether while in my case danger usually comes after me. I fix my eyes on the pursuer of the two victims, they have no way to run and hide, and the alleyway is a treacherous place to be in at this time of day. They scream for help and no one bothered; the ones that notice this just go and ignore that this event ever happened, leaving the scene and most of the people in their houses close their shutters and hope they won’t be next. This is the typical thinking of the people in this city, fear rules them, but it doesn’t rule me.

The mother and daughter turned a blind corner into a dead end, there was no way out for them, and the creature was slowly coming towards them – as if it’s actually playing along with them, like a game of hide and seek. Usually if this was my normal inner demon taking over my body I would ignore this and just sit down and watch the show. There was a little bit about me that hate being a hero, but I like playing the part. Without a moment’s hesitation, I jump on the nearest rooftop and to the next as quickly as I can for even a few seconds is important to me now as my feet touch the wet cold stone I jump to the nearest wall to slowly decent my fall.
As the creature neared the two helpless villagers, with its huge arms raised to slashed at its victims, with only a few seconds of timing i un-sheath SHINIGAMI from it’s long sleep, “Time for you to work my old friend.” i mustered to my blade as i strike at the creatures arms before the strike from its huge claws reach them. Flesh feeling steel and steel cutting through flesh easily, what i would expect from the blade. As i hear the scream of pain from the monster my mind flashed back to the time when i never wanted this, i never wanted this world, never wanted to live, never wanted to ever held the sword in my hand, how i wished for those peaceful times in my village…

I missed those days as my mind wanders…

LeFran worked so hard on not seeing what he saw that he almost missed the start of the attack. The HUD painted the figures hanging upside down from the tube ceiling green as he turned the corner.

Other twisted and and misshapen figures lay in wait behind the overturned cars of the tube train. Once he saw them, thought, Lefran knew they were Hellspawn.

“Ambush!” one of Azz’reen Sisters Of Battle yelled in warning.

Out of habit, Lefran reached for his Chainsword and the Bolter around his waist. He spotted Asha behind him in the HUD view. Backing into her, he growled, “Get to cover, and where’s Azzreen?!”.

“Probably getting herself killed as usual, or trying too!”, Asha yelled with a funny sarcastic tone in her voice, while being ready for any attack. Even within the helmet Lefran smiled, wondering what type of mischevious tactics Zakk and Azz’reen is pulling right now, but he pray for their safety as well and to make it into the underground chapel. Then he had the Bolter up in his fist and was firing. A string of detonations ripped away the quietness inside the tube.

Depleted Deuterium spikes ripped and exploded within into one of the Hellspawns hanging from the ceiling, pinning and punching the creatures hide into the stone surface. The demon yowled in pain and anger as it tried to rip itself free. Its thin body whipped and twisted, tearing the wounds in its flesh even larger.

Upon closer inspection, Lefran saw that on the ceiling the demons had woven a web of cargo netting they’d undoubtedly scavenged from the overturned tube cars. They’d worked awfully quickly to have set the ambush up on the Marines and Sisters Of Battle’s return.

A moment later, the Hellspawn Lefran had nailed to the ceiling braced it’s feet and pulled through the spikes. Purple Blood ran freely from the wounds. Snarling, the demon landed only a few feet infront of Lefran. It lifted a weapon and took aim.

~to be continued~


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