A man/women best friend – R.I.P “FatCat” a.k.a 喵弟弟

Rest in peace, fat cat

 Ever dread the day when your cat or dog fall sick and went to the farm to be happy. I dreaded the day, even until now, that was 7years ago, when my beloved dog shaggy passed away and left this world, i was devastated, cried even, my friend’s, collegues thought my girlfriend brokeup with me. But i told them i never cry when a girl leave me, but when someone special in my life goes, i do. Even until now, my family still misses my old dog shaggy because he will sit down and see me play videogames, bite my leg to wake me up in the morning, and bite and snarl at ex-gf that comes over to my house.

This one is about my gf cat, who passed away recently on saturday evening 6PM. We were watching the Olympics when she received the news from her mum, and like me before, it was sad. The cat, aka FatCat, have been together with her for 18years, that is fucking long. That’s like 85years old in human years. When i was with the cat, it didnt like me at all for the first time, but after feeding it redmeat and keropok, it loved me, not for me, but because i bring it good food. I remembered when i was at her house, watching Jet Li’s movie Fearless, i fell asleep on the couch till nextday, but when i wokeup, Fatcat was sleeping next to me, maybe because i was sleeping on his turf or i’m a cat myself [Leo]. This cat is not very close to my gf dog called Bobby[female dog] which hates me, and always fight, cat’s and dogs, who understands them anyway?

One thing i won’t understand, which is today, sunday 24th of August. Because she is sad over her cat’s passing, she went to cut her hair at a saloon, and i followed. After a few hours of snips snips, me and her came out with dyed hair, nicely cut, and damn i look good with khaki brown added to my hair, all because we were sad. But she cut her hair short, after seeing her with long hair all the time, which ofcoz i like long hair in women because it makes them more women, this one makes her look good. Sadnest takes out the most of people, their sorrows sown into strenght built into character.

By Herbie, 24 August 2008


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