She did nothing wrong

My flames of anger has reach new heights too, just like many other Malaysians do, especially Chinese. She did nothing wrong! So why would the police arrested her?

If Ahmad Ismail never said that the “Chinese were immigrants squatting in this country”, why would our Deputy PM apologize on behalf? Also, why UMNO decided to ban Ahmad Ismail from holding any positions for three years? Why! Why? Why! Can these people please think twice before they do anything? Please don’t put Malaysia on the map of fool! This will not benefits anyone in the country. If this issue is still going on like this, soon later there will be no such thing called Muhibbah and Multi-racial.

What had happened had happened. We should focus on the future, not the past. If there is no unity, another sad tragedy might happen at anytime, do you wish to see that? I hope not…

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