The food that will change your lifestyle

From the title, that was what was written in the promotional brochure given out by Mr.Baoz. Using our Malaysian slang it is not pronounce as Ba-oz but more to the chinese traditional speaking in the mandarin tounge, PAOZ, so repeat after me, BAOZ (包).

Originated from Taiwan, Mr. Baoz opened its very first outlet in Malaysia at Pavillion KL. Just like the donuts that were once very popular in town, Mr. Baoz will definitely change your impression towards Bao (steamed bun / 蒸包). Forget about the all time favourites like Char Siew Pau, Tau Sa Pau and Big Pau, but check out a series of new innovations here:

1. Royal Delicacy Series – Curry Beef, Squid Roll, Chicken Sate, Sweet and Sour Fish…

2. Chocolate Series – Black Diamond Chocolate Roll, Apple Custard Chocolate, Taro Custard Chocolate…

3. Crispy Series – Crispy Red Bean Baoz, Crispy Fruits & Butter Baoz, Crispy Sesame Baoz…

4. Snowflake Series – Snowflake Taro Baoz, Snowflake Red Bean Baoz, Snowflake Butter baoz…

5. Steamer Series – Steamed Cheese Baoz, Curry Mutton Baoz, Steamed Butter Baoz…

According to the sales girl, the best seller are Squid Roll annd Curry Chicken Baoz. However, you may also consider to opt for a box of “Top 12 Best Seller” which special introductory price is RM36/12 pcs (Original price RM38.50).

The baoz are best consumed within three hours after purchase. Otherwise, you may heat it with steamer or microwave or even frozen it in the freezer and defrost it when you’re hunger for it.

Mr. Baoz (包子先生) in Pavillion KL

For these two days only, present the flyer and get a free…

Limited edition’s Green Tea & Red Bean Roll

The packaging of food that will change your lifestyle

Spice Up’ Treats – Crispy Sesame Baoz, Mutton Curry Baoz, Sweet and Sour Fish Baoz

Mutton Curry Baoz – strongly recommend by herbie

Mr. Baoz, Lot 1.52.00 Level 1, Pavillion KL. For more information, please visit



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2 responses to “The food that will change your lifestyle

  1. The Penquin

    Ya..tasted a few the other day…unique taste and aroma…very good when they come out right from the steamer ! BTW unlike in Taiwan the baoz served here are pork free..

  2. herbdonald

    True, am sure non-halal one would definitely taste better. But I think this one is a bit pricey though

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