T.G.I. Fridays

Everybody loves Friday! Why? You’re in an office working or in a college or school, from mondays to friday, and what’s on your mind, the weekend is what you think off, and what better way to celebrate that end of the day when work ends?It’s a Friday obviously. It gives you every reason to celebrate Friday night. Well, if you’re in the mood to have great times and glorious food at any day of the week, T.G.I Friday’s is definitely the right place to go.

I am not sure about other outlets in town, but T.G.I. Friday’s at Mutiara Damansara was full house during our visit. So, do make your reservation in advance. The interior tells that T.G.I. Friday’s is very American style, just as the food that they are serving – American classics. Your dining experience here will definitely be alive too, because the friendly waiter and waitress are filled with fun and laughter. 

We chose to try out the RM39.90 3-Course Set Menu. According to the waiter, they just launched their new menu that day, so glad to hear it.

We started our gastronomic journey here with crispy chicken wings served with traditional Buffalo sauce.

Another appetizer that we had was Fried Calamari (also known as fried squid), which is a popular dish in many part of the world. In North America, fried calamari is usually served with Parsley. In Middle East country, this dish is served plain. But at T.G.I. Friday’s, the serving of this food is truly US style – Marirana Sauce.

A must-try dish at T.G.I. Friday’s is their signature Friday’s Chicken. The marinated chicken breast is grill to the perfect, before it’s topped with Cajun spices, topped with melted Jack cheese and beef bacon (a little bit too hard to cut and chew).

We also ordered Key West Garoupa, a very simple yet delicious dish whereby a roasted white fish is topped with sparkling citrus and accompanied by seasonal vegetables.

The portion of food served here is very huge and we can’t even finish the main course. Should have just order one set to share;p- We were so tempted to finish our mouth-watering dessert, Cookies ‘N’ Cream, but unfortunately that there was no room in our stomach anymore.

I didn’t know that my GF had arranged a birthday surprise to me until the waiter brought two pieces of chocolate brownies lighted with candle towards our table. I was told that normally if the restaurant is not on full house, the birthday boy / girl has to stand on the chair while birthday song is sung by a group of waiter and waitress. So, I just had to make a wish and blow the candle, Thanks be to God!

We really love the food here but not the drink as my Green Apple Slush was too sweet. Better to just order the plain water instead.

Our bill came up to RM111.10 (well, we are not the supporter of 4D or Toto), really worthy!

T.G.I. Fridays’ 3 Course Meal is priced at RM39.90++ per set only. For more information, please visit www.fridays.com.my


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