Me, Backpain and a Sensei

Ever heard the saying, “No Pain, No Gain”, well this one, it literally meant what the title says. This event happened on the really early mornings of saturday after i fiinish work at 7am. I was working 11pm to 7am and yeah, it was a tiring night to keep track of everything i have to do in the office, even turning on the music so loud i make people envy my work. But that could not keep me from staying awake, so i doze off on my chair with the Incredible Hulk movie playing in front of me and my collegues music on the side of the cubicle. I wokeup hours after that, cant feel my legs, cant even stand properly, i thought i was paralyzed, but i massaged my leg to let the blood flow. Only for a while…

I went back, reached home at 8am, i didnt want to waste my time sleeping the day on saturday, so i sat down on my living room couch playing the latest Super Robot War Z, and in the afternoon went out to shop for a while, that’s when i realized my body was hurting, my legs feel numbed while i was walking and only after i went home and slept at 4pm until 8pm i found out i cant stand, cant sit down even due to the pain on my back and i felt like i was 90years old, heck, i bet even my grandfather dont feel this type of pain. I got punched, backkicked before even that was nothing compared to this.

I rested the night thinking, maybe it was just because my body needed the relaxation it needs, but woe is me the next morning, it’s still farking there, i wokeup walking so slow my whole body was in pain, my sunday was ruined, i was suppose to kill someone [A tabletop hobby game killing] cant even lift up a 2KG beg. So i waited the hours, until my sensei can come back from his normal outings and went to his place to get some Spiritual Healing of Pain.

Even the modern doctors nowadays are useless when it comes to back healing or asma or migraine, i have spend about RM300++ to RM400++ on modern medicine but it’s a stupid waste of money because i still feel hurt and sickly. But this chinese sensei, he healed me of my asma, migraine for only RM30, the thing he found out about me after checking my veins was my blood was not flowing properly and a good “Painful” massage was in order, plus some accupunture if you are really REALLY sick. The last time i got poked by a needle, black blood was taken out from my body, this is the Toxin which was flowing in my body, [The cause of the migraine] even my head was sucked out of the blood.

Today, i invite pain as a friend, i have been on the receiving end of pain since i was a kid, and eventhough i get it oftenly sometimes, i need to get myself some good ol’ healing factor. Aftter the 30min torment, i got back with less pain, honestly, he is good, the only thing he cant heal is my cough and after a goodnight rest tonight i hope to feel less of the backpain.


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