Feast of Fresh Fruits Tartlets

I always complaint to my GF that why she never try some new recipes while she has two big storage boxes of cook book at home. Suddenly, last night while I was at work, she sms me that she wanted to make a dessert today. She didn’t specify what dessert is it but she said it’s my favourite food… I wonder what it is going to be.

Today, as usual, I was so blur when I woke up. I opened the fridge and a big surprise awaits…

Wow, that's plenty of fruits tart all for myself!

It looks yummy, isn't it?

I was asking my GF what’s she going to make next. And this is what she replied, “I will only try a new recipe without you knowing because it’s suppose to be a surprise’.

Can’t wait for it…



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2 responses to “Feast of Fresh Fruits Tartlets

  1. Geraldo the Great one

    Teruk mai gamal dik baru dani tinduk! The whole world can see this! eyeeeewwww…

  2. herbdonald

    Eventhough ku baru jak dani tinduk in this pic but i think i dont really mind, my stomach was happy all the way. ^_^

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