Goodbye, Nokia! Hello Sony!

I always believe that all our belongings have spirit too. They would be upset when they know that their owner don’t want them anymore. This happened to me yesterday at Sungai Wang, when i trade in my old Nokia phone that was with me for six years for a new Sony Ericsson.

I am the type who do not need an expensive or high tech phone beacuse I don’t see any reason having it. Not to mention handphone get outdated very fast. Unfortunately, this Nokia phone of mine was not working properly for many months already. It always turn off by itself, which make me be worry that what if this happen during emergency. How am I going to call for help then.

Initially the sales man offer me RM110 for my really old Nokia phone, but for no reason, suddenly the camera is not working so the value is decreased to RM40 only. It is as if my Nokia phone is upset that I do not want it anymore and purposely giving me such problem at this time.

Well, no matter what, I still need a new phone. Due to highly recommended by colleagues and sales promoter, finally I decided to buy a Sony Ericsson phone. One thing good about Sony Ericsson is it doesn’t has many models like Nokia does, but each models have its own unique features, like K series for camera, W series for walkman and S series for stylish. The one that I got is not the latest model of K series, somehow the camera function is pretty good.

I never use any Sony Ericsson phone before, so please bear with me if I am slow in reply your sms or didn’t pick up your call. I am slowly getting used to it now, while bidding farewell to my Nokia phone… goodbye, Nokia!


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