Ho Chak! Ho Chak!

Ho Chak! Ho Chak! Isn’t it sounds familiar?

I am a big fans of Ho Chak and I love to try out restaurants / food stalls featured in Ho Chak. We hardly eat out for the whole day, but today, what a coincidence, all the places that we went got a Ho Chak sticker and also, it’s located in Setapak.

Different from any normal chicken rice we always have, U Special Chicken Rice is serving fried chicken chop, accompanied by salad and wedges instead, and all these cost only RM4.30 per plate. There are six types of sauces available, with lemon sauce as their signature sauce. Highly recommended.

Their latest creation is Mongolia sauce. Honestly speaking, we can’t tell what is so special with this sauce because it has a very strong black pepper taste.

We really had no idea what to have for dinner after we found out that our favourite Thai restuarant is still close for Raya holiday. Yet, we’re at Genting Klang, a food paradise.  Guess where we end up going to?

I first came here at three years ago while my GF was still staying nearby. Although it’s a tea house, but it serves also exotic Asian cuisine. And the best is, Ho Chak also came here before.

Cannes Tea House also have a TV room for the patrons. However, what we like the most is still the Japanese style of dining area.

I ordered Kiwi Juice for myself and it taste really good, 100% pure Kiwi juice.

At Cannes, how can we miss their signature dish, Portugal Chicken Rice. This dish might not look tempting from the picture, but in fact the creamy green curry sauce makes the fried rice and chicken taste extremely good.

Another reason why we love this place is also because the restaurant provides comics, magazines and games like Uno Stacko, Uno Card, so definitely we won’t get bored here. 

U Special Chicken Rice – 万泉美食中心, Desa Setapak off Wangsa Maju Seksyen 2

Cannes Tea House, 16 Jalan Genting Klang, KL.


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