Eat & shop during office hours

I was on MC yesterday to attend my medical check up with heart specialist at General Hospital. My original plan was to go shop for my GF’s birthday present after my check up, because I wanna to give her a surprise. Who knows, it’s her who gave my a surprise because she took leave to accompany me seeing the doctor.

We woke up late in the morning and went for our favourite chili pan mee in Jalan TAR. Both of us have been visiting this restaurant for almost two years. Thanks to my GF’s ex-housemate who brought her here or else we will never get to know this delicious pan mee. Also known as “The poor man’s food”, pan mee is made of flour and water. The way pan mee is served in Kin Kin is different from any other pan mee out there. The dough is only processed into noodles by using machine upon preparing, before it is boiled in hot water. The mee is then tossed dry, season to taste and topped with minced pork meat, anchovies, spring onion as well as poached egg with runny yolk. Oh ya, a small bowl of potato leave soup with egg white and pork meat is served too.

Dare to try?

Dare to try?

You will have to add in the home made chili paste by yourself. Normally we only break the yolk and mix all the ingredients thoroughly after add in the chili paste. Be prepared that your tummy will be on fire because it is really VERY HOT! Never ever underestimate the spiciness as we have friend who can go MC the next day after having this chili pan mee.

Ever since the petrol price increased in Jun, the price of this chili pan mee is increased to RM5.30 per bowl. Not cheap though but is really worth it as you can never find this chili pan mee else where. You might come across other shops who sell chili pan mee, but you can never get the same chili paste because it is the secret recipe of Kin Kin only.

Another thing is if you come during peak hour ie. lunch or dinner and weekends, be prepared to wait for at least 45 minutes. Luckily we came at around 10am on weekdays, so we’re their only customer.

We continue with our outing after my check up as it was done much earlier than expected. The last time we went for window shopping and enjoy ourself during normal working days was while my GF was still doing freelancing. We spent about 3 hours at One Utama before proceed to IKEA. It’s always fun to shop around during weekdays when everyone are busy in the office.

since when sri aman is located at mutiara damansara!?!?

Places like IKEA and One Utama which are normally pack cannot find parking space are very quiet. This is also why we can snapped photos inside IKEA show rooms without disturb by other people, and actually we are doing this to gather ideas for our future ‘love nest’.

Since we were already in IKEA, so we must satisfy our stomach with their famous Sweedish food here. We just simply love the food here because it tastes delicious yet cheap.

I have no idea why they serve the meatball with strawberry jam, perhaps this is Sweedish style? Anyway the sauce is really good.

Same goes to the salmon which is only RM11.90.

Our day didn’t end here. We went to The Curve and Mid Valley afterwards, really impossible to happen over the weekends or public holidays because my GF doesn’t like to go crowded places unless if we are at overseas. As such, it is really not a bad idea at all to take one day off and spend some quality time with your love one…

Restoran Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee, No. 40 Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman 1, Off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, KL.


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  1. haha…I tell your boss..(kidding)…tried the pan mee but prefer the one in Klang…xoxo..When are u coming back??

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