Sushi King RM2 Bonanza @ Mid Valley

Both of us are sushi lovers, so we definitely will not miss out this best opportunity ever to enjoy the sushi. Yes, it’s the Sushi King RM2 Bonanza which starting today till this coming Thursday. All the rice based sushi on kaiten belt is priced at RM2 only… very cheap!

Before I continue, please allow me to correct the information written yesterday. Actually each guest is given 45 90 minutes to eat only. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

We arrived there at about 5pm and the whole outlet was already 95% full. Glad that we didn’t bring anyone else along, so we were given the seats surrounding kaiten belt which is easier for us to grab whatever we like.

We spent about an hour time there till our tummy told us that they gave up already. If you count all the food shot, you’ll know that we had 16 plates of rice based sushi and 1 plate of non-rice based item. However, we only paid RM25. Want to know why? We called the waitress to do final count when we wanted to leave, however non of them want to entertained us after we called them for three times. Really fed up, so we just went to the counter! The cashier realised that the order form wasn’t final yet, but when she wanted to do thefinal count, the another colleague of her already cleared off all the plates. And this was what the cashier said, “Tak apa lah!”. Really unbelievable, right? Nevertheless, I don’t think they really mind because if you have seen the number of people lined up at the outside since 7pm till even 9pm, I am sure you’d understand how chaos was it. Beyong Control!

Stitch of 4 images into 1 shot


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