My new shades

If you thought that I am blogging this new shades of mine because it’s a branded shades, then you are totally wrong. In fact this new shades cost me less than RM20 and i bought it from Sri Rampai pasar malam two days ago.

Well, although it is a cheap stuff but I don’t mind at all because I have a very bad experience with shades. I used to have a very expensive shades that my mum bought for me during my birthday, but it was gone in less than six months time and I only realize it few weeks later. Ever since then, I only buy cheap shades but they can only last for few months also. It is definitely not because of the quality, but perhaps it is God’s will. I broke my last shades in Sentosa Singapore and I have a feeling that I might break this shades in Hong Kong.. soon to know the answer.


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