The best Chee Cheong Fun I ever had…

Last Saturday, my GF brought me to this very famous restaurant called Yup Hup Kee at Pudu, a place that sounds so unfamiliar to me. She told me that she couldn’t stop herself from craving for this Chee Cheong Fun ever since her colleagues brought her there and she was very sure that I would love it too.

At the entrance of Yap Hup Kee, you will see a stall displaying a wide variety of yong tau fu. Pick your favourite here…

If you’re planning to have breakfast here, do come before 10am to avoid the crowd.

We didn’t expect to see this at each table…

Chee Cheong Fun, which is literally translated as pork intestine noodle is the signature dish here. Topped with the aromatic fried dried shrimp and sweet sauce… heavenly tantalising.

Although the Lou Shu Fun (Tikus Noodle) looks very plain, but it is equally delicious.

Restaurant Yap Hup Kee has proves that Hakka can make the best yong tau fu. My GF who is also a Hakka claimed that the yong tau fu here is truly 100% hakka recipe… another must have item

We also tried the curry chee cheong fun after seeing this display. It’s special but doesn’t meet our expectations.

This place serves Hakka Steamboat at night time. My GF’s colleague told her that we must try it out one day later because it is so different from any steamboat out there.

We will definitely visit this restaurant again, especially when we are craving for chee cheong fun. There are still a lot more good food that we have not sample yet, for instance, the BBQ fried pig intestine and claypot curry lou shu fun…

Restaurant Yap Hup Kee, 45, Jalan Brunei Barat Off Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur. Business Hours: 9am – 5pm; 5.30pm – 11pm. Close on Non-halal.


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