80 year-old’s Kedai Makanan Yut Kee

A blogger said that if you never heard of Yut Kee before, don’t consider yourself as KL people. Well, since I am a Sarawakian, so it’s very common that I won’t know this historical eating place till two days ago. It started back then when my GF brought back a box of kaya rolls that her boss bought for her. I only tried it out on the next day and I falled in love with it immediately…

This morning, my GF asked me am I interested to try out the most sought-after Roti Babi at Yut Kee where the kaya rolls are sold. I will never say NO to good food, and I know that the Roti Babi must be as good as the kaya rolls. And here we went…

Located at Jalan Dang Wangi (which was previously known as Jalan Campbell), Yut Kee was around since 1928.

You should know how famous is Yut Kee by seeing the framed newspaper cutting hang on the wall. 

The interior looks really old.

But they have a Plasma TV also to entertain the patron.

The founder of Yut Kee hailed from Hainan, this explains why Yut Kee is specialise in Hainanese fare and how authentic is their food.

Hainanese used to be the cook for British, so preparing western cuisine is their expertise too. Although the presentation of pork chop here cannot be compare to any western restaurant, but I can say that it is one of the best pork chop in town. Served with fried potato wedges, mixed vegetables and onions, the meat is very tender and juicy.

Served with the home made kaya, the bread toast is favourite too.

Here come the highlight of our breakfast… Roti Babi which we never heard of it else where.

Filled with sliced pork meat, Chinese pork sausage, cabbage and onion, the bread is coated with egg yolk then deep fried till golden brown. And it’s not oily at all. Lip-smacking good…

Our bill came up to RM19.10 only. It’s really very reasonable! We buy fresh pork meat from market almost every week, so we know how expensive it is. Somemore the portion served is very generous… worth the penny we paid.

Kedai Makanan Yut Kee, Jalan Dang Wangi, KL. Opens daily from 7am till 5pm except Monday. Non-halal.


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  1. Steven chan

    I am a frequent visitor of KL and surprisingly had not heard of YK until recently when I accidentally stumbled on it in YouTube. I have some KL friends who had not mentioned of its existence either. After reading it in the blogs it have decided to pay a visit during my next visit on 21/12/2013. I am a S’porean by the way. I know of a station Dang Wangi, hopefully it’s nearby. Well have to pen off from here before my salivary glands start to act.

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