10 Promises to My Dog

Keeping a dog or cat as pet is never an easy task. Majority of the owners will ignore their pets once it grows up. There are some couples that I know used to treat their pets like a king or queen, but they would start shooing their pets away once they have a baby. The excuse is the pets’ fur is dirty and can cause the baby be sick & etc. How would you feel if you were the pet itself?

Directed by Katsuhide Motoki, the director of Quill, 10 promises to my dog is a movie about the relationship between human being and a dog. We wanted to watch this movie since June while we were in Singapore for holiday but our schedule didn’t allow us to do so. And only now, that’s four months later, this movie has arrived in Malaysia. Unfortunately, this movie is categorised as international movie, so only three cinemas ie GSC Mid Valley, GSC One Utama and GSC Pavillion KL are showing it.

In fact this movie is more than the 10 promises of Akira made to her Golden Retriever, Socks. 

10 Promises To My Dog
(1)Please be patient with me

(2)Trust me, I will always be by your side

(3)Play with me

(4)Dun forget I have feelings too

(5)Dun fight with me and dun beat me unnecessary

(6)When i disobey, I may have my reasons

(7)You have your friends but I only have you as my friend

(8)When I am old, please continue to be my friend

(9)I live about 10 years so please cherish our every moment together

(10)I will not forget our time we spend together, when I die, please be by my side
It’s very true that dog is human being’s best friend as Socks has gone through all the trials with Akira, especially during her teenage time.

Needless to say, this movie has a sad ending. Both my GF and I couldn’t stop ourself from not to cry because we know how sad it is when our pet passed away. We always wanted to keep a new puppy or kitten, but we are too afraid that we won’t be able to give them a good life. What’s a pet for if you don’t even want to spend time with them everyday? If you’re still unsure whether you are a good owner, then may I suggest you to find out the answer from this movie? A good movie with strong morale that all of us must not miss… .


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