Discovering the mystery of Kellie’s Castle

My GF proposed to stop by at Kellie’s Castle during our road trip to Cameron Highlands which is about 15 minutes drive from Simpang Pulai toll exit. 

I was not so interested at first till my GF told me that it’s one of the most famous haunted site in Malaysia… crazy or not? Is it real? Is there really a ghost walking the halls of the castle?

I am not going to further story on the history of Kellie’s Castle, since many newspapers or internet sites already wrote about it,but you may click here if you’re interested to know more.

If you can read Chinese, do check out this article which reveal many secrets that were not reported in malay and English paper.

A “bear hugging a tree” that is found at the compound of the ruin. This tree was discovered by visitors only at few years ago.

A close-up shot of the bear. Nobody knows how does this bear exist but I have a feeling that it’s the spirit of a bear or something… but the tree does have a weird aura to it.

The side view of the castle.

Built in 1904, this is Kellie’s first home – “Kellas House” but it was partially destroyed during World War II.


This was the bathroom. The remnants of marble that you can see at top was imported from Italy.


These rooms were the clinics for Kellie’s estate workers but it is believed to be destroyed over ages and years.


Want to know what is this?


See next


The corridor at the ground floor


It says that The spirit of William Kellie Smith is still believed to be wandering along this corridor.


It is believed that this is to be the family altar for Kellie’s and his family. These marble  are imported from Italy to England then shipped to Malaya sometime in 1891. It is also the same marbles that were used at the bathroom in Kellas House.


Part of the living hall


Front view from the ground floor of Kellie’s Castle


Spiral staircase can be found at each floor of the castle that might scare you when going down


The corridor at the second floor, do you see anything unusual behind me?


One of the bedroom at the second floor


Top view of Kellas House


Part of the design is very Islamic too


This is supposed to be the lift shaft for the Malaysia’s first bucket lift. But it didn’t materialise as Kellie passed away in Lisbon, Portugal in December 1926, while he was on his way to collect the lift.


The tennis court and courtyard for party


The storage room


Unfortunately we are not allowed to use this emergency exit, which is believe to be linked to the underground tunnel


The other side view of Kellie’s Castle


A guard house that is located next to the castle


I am very curious to explore the wine cellar and secret tunnel but unfortunatele that they’re sealed.

My GF said it’d be a good idea to have pre-wedding photography here, provided if you don’t mind that there might be a mystery guest in your photos.

Although we didn’t see anything that we are not suppose to see, but I can feel that the air is filled with mystery. With the development of themed resort in front of Kellie’s Castle, we will definitely be beck here to explore more again few years later… at night?!

But before that, perhaps I should consider to visit another haunted site in Penang… Pulau Jerejak?



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