The Night of Horror – Halloween Night

Six-year old Michael Audrey Myers stabbed his seventeen-year old sister to death with a large kitchen knife, and it was during Halloween Night, 1963…

On 31 October 2008, if you saw this fellow driving on the road… you would better Scream… because now he is driving in search of his victims.


Michael Myers? Aiya, don’t think too much lah! It’s Halloween Day and I was actually on my way for our first Halloween celebration in KL. Though, the movie Halloween did scare me to the point i have to sleep with lights on when i was a kid in 1986, the 1st time i saw the movie in video.

We went to TGIF at Life Centre for our dinner, the whole restaurant was transformed into jungle [Not to sure if this was already made this way, coz this is the 1st time i went to the one at Life Centre] not to mention that all the attendants were dressed up for that night too. Obviously, since it was Halloween.


“Blue Tooth”, a mocktail specially concocted for the night


Our main course, crispy cajun chicken – another TGIF’s specialty that you must try


We wanted to have more fun after dinner, so we walked all the way down towards KLCC. So many cars passed by us stopped to snap my photo… OMG… feel like a celebrity, only for that night.


Along the way, one can expect to see more ghost.




We ended up went for a drink a Aloha, a very famous drinking place in KL to have fun at night if you’re no longer a teenager who will loves Beach Club or Thai Club. But Aloha was made to compensate for the Young [Below Aloha – Modern Music]  and Old [Upstairs – Retro music]. We saw a lot of ppl, probably in their 30’s or 40’s or 50’s, going out with girls that look like their daughters, what say you? I try to imagine myself going clubbing with my daughter, if I have one, in the future… Hopefully that do not happen, but God have ways to punish those who have sinned.

There were even Arab girls taking pictures with me, using their own camera ofcoz which will never make it to this blog, boohoo. I was surprise myself when they came over and ask me to take a picture with them. At least that photo will go to their country. But I have more pictures of ‘ghosts here.


Who’s who?


Vampire [ Jiang Shi] is coming… i would run away from this guy. But trying going to Sarawak or Indonesia for a real pontianak.


And this girl, if you happen to see this blog, please drop me a message. My GF tried to email you the photos, as promised, but it seems like your email address isn’t valid. We would love to share this precious moment with you. Else, i’ll go there personally to give it to you.


That’s all for now of this event, i will most likely go again next year, maybe in another country. (^_^)


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