Road Trip to Cameron Highlands – Day 1

We are so piss off with the super hot weather in KL recently. So we decided to go unwind at Cameron Highlands early this month.

Before continue with our journey, we stopped at Restoran Jejantas at Sungai Buloh for breakfast. We always pass by here when travelling to North, but this is our first time to stop and explore this place so called “Restaurant On the Bridge”.


Cameron Highlands is about 300km away from KL and the only way to go there is via road. Normally the bus would use Tapah way which is nearer but the road is narrow. So for safety purpose, it is advisable to use the new road via Simpang Pulai exit which is slightly further.


Our first stop was one of the nursery along the way up to Tanah Rata. Nothing much to see here but I got myself the ice potong – my childhood’s favourite. I still remember that it was only RM0.20 during my school time, but now it costs RM1 already. That’s lots of difference. Well, since I never had strawberry ice potong before, so why not give it a try?


We also stopped at the orchid farm and enjoy the beatiful scenery of orchid. I am sure that my mum would love to bring these orchid back if she is here with us.


There is a small capsicum plantation behind the orchid farm.


One of the advantages to drive here is you can stop at wherever you like. Our third stop in day 1 is one of the largest rose farm in Malaysia – Rose Valley at Tringkap.


Thanks to the cool climate, Rose Valley is the home to some 450 varieties of roses, ranging from different sizes, colours to fragrant. We read from the internet that black roses can alos be found here, but we couldn’t find it at all.


Malaysian being Malaysian, is always very kiashu one. We will always try our best to be listed in at least Malaysia Book of Records. To me, the only special of this highest vase in Malaysia is the motive on it… this is what I called the way of being artistic.


The super sweet mini yellow tomatoes, another Cameron Highlands’ specialty.


While stepped out from Rose Valley, my GF asked why none of us asked her where are we going to stay tonight because she has not book any hotel or guest house yet. There are many hotels or guest houses at Brinchang and Tanah Rata with different types of room and rates to suit your budget. Do feel free to stop and check out the room before make your final decision.

We got this twin-sharing room with attached bathroom at Cameronian Inn, Tanah Rata. It was supposed to be RM60nett per night only, but we were charged another RM20 for having three guests in a room. The condition is quite ok and Cameron Highlands is a very safe place, so we have no worries at all to stay at cheap guest house. After all, we just need a place to sleep for a night.


If you’re visiting Cameron on Friday and Saturday, make sure you check out their pasar malam (or night market) at Brinchang. The must-buy stuff includes this very sweet yellow-white corn that is nice to be eaten even without cook. It costs only RM10 for 7 here, but in KL, the price can goes up to RM5 for 1. We were eating sweet corns for a week, so can you imagine how many did we buy? In fact, sweet corn is very rich with lutein that is good for our vision and a healthy cardiovascular system, apart from add infolate to our diets.


And of course the reddish strawberry souvenirs that can be found at everywhere.


A wide range of cactus, priced at RM10 for 7. *Guys* – do consider to get this for your other half instead of roses! Roses will eventually die but cactus is very long life as long as you give them water twice a week. They will definitely love it and tell the whole world that you’re not a kolot bf.


Great taste of Cameron Highlands – strawberry cupcake, strawberry tart, pineapple tart and even apple tart that all taste delicious to me.


The weather tends to be cooler at night, and I think for this reason, steamboat is very popular food for dinner. Until today, my GF still complaints that we didn’t manage to have steamboat during our last visit because both her cousin and I were busy sleeping from 5pm till next day morning. How could I say NO to food? Unbelievable!

Initially we wanted to have dinner at Tanah Rata. But somehow, when we passed by the shop lots at Brinchang, we discovered this very popular eating spot – Restoran O.K. Tuck. How we know that it’s popular? Because it’s full house and have to wait for the turn to sit down.


For only RM14nett per person, a big portion of meat, seafood, fresh vegetables and many others are served. Eat till you drop…


Next to O.K. Tuck is a tea house called Nepenthes Enterprise that sells varities of tea leaves and products that you might not even know it exists before, especially fruits tea.


We bought a variety of fruits tea but we dare not to try this.


So cute…. ideal for collection


I am so glad to meet this old friend from Kuching on top of the mountain. Thanks be to God! I have totally lost contact with Alex for years and didn’t even know that he is now staying in KL too. Although he is here with the family, but the purpose of his trip is to look for snakes and scorpions in the jungle and keep them as pet.


Cameronian Inn has a very nice garden to relax, especially in the early morning and night time. Think I am surrounded by all the tall buildings for years already until I almost forgot how is it like to be at the garden during night time.


Ever since my last trip here, I really miss the mee goreng at the malay food stalls next to Tanah Rata’s Pasar Tani. The price is increase but it is still very delicious. No regret to drive all the way here. Hoho.


Ok, time to sleep now and rest for tomorrow. Stay tune for day 2 trip.


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