Road Trip to Cameron Highlands – Day 2

Three of us are not satisfied with the last trip because the tour guide brought us to a very small strawberry farm and there is no self-plucking allowed. We stopped at EQ Strawberry Farm yesterday afternoon but unfortunately there are no more strawberries to be plucked.

We don’t want to dissapoint ourself again, so our first mission today is to hunt for strawberry farm. It is not hard to find a strawberry farm but it is hard to look for one that offer self-plucking service. And so, we ended up came to Big Red Strawberry Farm at Brinchang.

It is a surprise to discover that Big Farm is not merely a strawberry farm, but it also showcases flowers, cactus and vegetables, to name a few.


And where are our strawberries? Sigh… we just found out that we have to pluck at least 1/2kg and it costs RM40 per kg. None of us are a big fans of strawberries, we just want to have fun and not to bring these much of strawberries home. So we have to forget about it. Anyway, we really have fun with all these big red strawberries.


I have no idea how old is this pumpkin but I believe that it is heavier than me


And may I have your order please?


Here we came for our second destination.


Cactus range from different species and age


We saw this at one of the flower nursery where we stopped to buy soil. Back in my hometown, it’s widely known as Monkey’s Penis. My GF and her cousin said that their grandmum used to make steam rice with it, I wonder how does it taste?


Our national flower – Hibiscus


Trip to Cameron Highlands is never complete without a visit to the largest tea plantation in Malaysia. Driving up to BOH tea plantation that is about 5000ft above sea level is really not easy. The road is very narrow; for safety purpose, do horn at the sharp corner and stop at the side if there is another car coming from the other direction.


However, this may happen especially during peak season.


Drive slowly to enjoy the greenery scene of tea plantation. You may even smell the fragrant of tea leaves too if you open the window.


All the cars must parked at the foot of the hill and then take a tea bush walk to Sungai Palas Tea Center.


It’s a good exercise to climb up the staircase while enjoy the beautiful landscape. Camera is a must have at this moments.


Great view of Sungai Palas Tea Center.


If this is your first time here, do follow the free tour to the tea processing factory. Since we went there before and there is nothing much to see, so we just head down to the souvenir shop and grab some Songket that can only be found in Cameron Highlands.


Besides BOH Tea Plantation, there is anothet smaller tea plantation called Bharat Tea Plantation, located at somewhere near Ringlet. It’s just next to the road side so driving there is much safer. Also, you may just walk down to the whole tea plantation.


We went for lunch at this very well-established Chinese restaurant – 牛记饭店 at Kg Raja right after we left Bharat Tea Plantation. Although this place looks old but the pricing is very reasonable. For instance, this fresh coconut drink is only RM2.50.


A dish that can’t be found in Sarawak – Kung Po Pork Meat. My favourite!


Fried fresh vegetables with garlic.


Deep-fried tofu with minced pork meat.


Our bill for all the dishes and coconut drinks, plus another big plate of fried rice, only cost RM54… so cheappp! A good lunch before we left Cameron Highlands and ended this trip with a sweet note.

By the way, if you have not been to Cameron Highlands yet, why not consider about it now? The whole trip will not cost you a lot and yet you will sure have a memorable trip.


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