How far do you believe forecast of the year?

With the new year approaching, forecast of the year is always a hot topic amongst Chinese. Although my GF is a Catholic who is not suppose to believe in such thing, but she was very excited when someone emailed her the 2009 forecast for the year of Ox. Same goes for me.

Early this year, my GF’s mum told her that my animal sign is offending the Grand Duke and so, my life might be up and down. And this is pretty true as my first half year was not a good time for me.

Anyway, it’s the past and is now the time to look forward. As per the forecast, those who were born in year of the horse will definitely have a better year than last year, but I still have to take extra precaution when making major decision.

Career – My career will be up and down next year… hmmm… but my contract is renewed already. So I have not much worry on it. But I must be careful of evil plots by petty people, and from the horoscope, it seems to be a collegue.

Relationship – For relationship, I must be careful with third party intrusion… oh no! Why does this ALWAYS happen to me each year, temptation is great but fight the urges i must.

Health – I am in and out from hospitals for many times this year. So I must have a healthy lifestyle from now on to ensure that I am healthy all the time. Time to take a lot of rest and control stress as per the forecast.

Wealth – My income will be more stable with improvement, this really means a lot especially during recession time. And of course, must save for rainy days.

Overall, it sounds not to bad but certainly, my GF is going to have better luck than me as there are many lucky stars that shine on her. According to the email she received, she will be having a smooth and good year for her career advancement and it would be a good year for her to start her own business. Besides, it is also a good year for her to purchase a property so I believe that our plan to get a property in KL will come true very soon. Not only that, her luck in relationship and wealth is superb too except health which remain normal only.

Well, we will not 100% believe in this but if those good forecast really comes true, then why not. I am not so worried on those bad forecast of mine because I always tell my GF that she is my lucky star, so I am sure that I will be sharing her good lucks too.


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