Must-have in Klang – Bah Kut Teh

Who doesn’t know that Klang is well-known for its bah kut teh (pork rib tea)? So if you happen to go Klang, make sure ‘Bah Kut Teh’ is in your itinerary that you’ll never regret.

Even though Klang is about an hour drive from KL, but I hardly go there unless if I really have to. Thanks to my dad and brother Leon were here last Sunday and staying in one of the very old hotels in Klang, I have an excuse to go Klang and need not to say, I couldn’t stop myself to not try out the Bah Kut Teh in Klang.

However, for someone like me who is not so familiar with Klang, it is really not easy to know where to go for bah kut teh. Luckily my GF’s class was cancelled at last minute, so we have plenty of time to drive around until we spotted this place – Restoran Qe Xiang 奇香肉骨茶 at Bandar Baru Klang.


Although this place looks like a stall instead, but it was surprisingly full house on Sunday morning. We were lucky to get a table and very soon later, our table was full of dishes.

To date, this is the second time I tried this white rice with fried shallot as not many bah kut teh shop is serving this. It may looks simple but its fragrant goes well with bah kut teh.


I always thought that there is only one type of bah kut teh, until the boss told us that there are two different type of serving. This is the soup style that we normally have elsewhere.


Then, this is the unusual one – dried style served in clay pot. Both are equally good, so if you are going in a group, I would suggest you to try out both.


My brother was so curious to try out this dish when he saw its picture on the banner. Consist of pork ribs, dried cuttle fish, dried chilis and ladies finger, this dish looks really tempting. Unfortunately I was banned from having spicy food due to medication. Anyway, my GF and even Leon who is allergy to dried cuttle fish also gave their thumbs up. 


Another dish that three of us really like is the steamed tofu topped with dried shrimp, onion and chili, something different that we never try before. Looks simple but taste good!


I think braised vegetables with oyster sauce is a must-have side dish for ‘bah kut teh’ meal. Nothing special.


Chinese being Chinese, tea is always their favourite drink. But do you know that Chinese tea is usually served because it is believe to dissolve the fat consumed in the dish?


The bill came and out of our surprise, it costs only RM45… that is really very cheap! I still remember that few months ago, we took my Dad for bah kut teh at Chow Kit and the portion served isn’t even 1/4 of what we have here but we had to pay RM45.

P/S: We just get to know that Restoran Qe Xiang is actually the branch of the most famous bah kut teh shop in Klang. Please give it a try if bah kut teh came across your mind now.

Restoran Qe Xiang 奇香肉骨茶, Non-halal, Store 14,Pt.21438,Mukim Kapar,Bandar Baru Klang,41150 Klang


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