A tree for Christmas, with love

I was in love with Christmas Tree ever since I was a little boy, and i think every little boy and girl now, those that are young at heart too. Every year when Christmas is approaching, I am always excited to set up the Christmas Tree in my house. To me, Christmas tree is more than decorations. Don’t you ever think that it’s sweet to set up the tree together with your loved one? Somehow, none of my family members bother about it.  Due to being busy with work and other personal matters, i remembered last time my mum asked the maids to set it up, i was shocked to find out about it in the last minute. Sigh!

Last year, one of my siblings was even complaining that someone in the family refused to get a Christmas Tree for their house in Kuching, even though my nephew loves to have one. But in the end, the got one and i was happy to hear that my nephew was glad to see a Christmas Tree in his house, i was in KL during this time working and kept forgetting i do not have holidays.

So when my GF told me that she wants to have a Christmas tree this year, I told myself that i cannot dissapoint her. However, it is always not as easy as we all think. From deciding theme colour, to types of decoration items, lighting to height of the tree, it tooks us more than an hour.  Actually, deciding to get a Christmas Tree took us a month, when the time came then it took hours. Luckily the lady boss and her Thai workers are so friendly and gave us a lot of suggestion, finally we  decided to have a tree like this.


Again, the challenges do not end here. This tree is very different from what I have in Kuching, I don’t know how to set it up. But, don’t worry… someone is very smart one. She must know how to do it… let’s see how we started with first tier.


Then, put on the second tier


Aiya… where is the hole? Can u see it?


Then, hang on the decoration , ornaments and light bulb.


Angels we have heard on high, sweetly singing o’er the plains… …


It’s done in less than an hour.


Let’s light up our first Christmas tree


Now Christmas atmosphere is all around the house.








I must have love it so much till I want to keep the tree until February. But one day after we setup the tree, decided to browse WIKIPEDIA for some history, we just get to know that traditionally, Christmas tree were not brought in and decorated until Christmas eve. Then, it should be removed on the twelfth night, else it is considered a bad luck for a whole year.

Superstitions aside, this tree is going to be with us for years and soon, our new family members will be joining us in putting up and decorate the Christmas tree. I know that I am repeating again, but is true that the whole family should do it together, or else it will be meaningless. My Japanese friend even said that it’s romantic… .


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