My Christmas Present

Christmas time is coming and everytime i walk around shopping malls my inner child takes over, but most of the time i am always a child stuck in a grown man’s body. ToysRus was one of them a longtime ago, when i was a kid there was no possible way that one as small can have money to buy toys that appeal to children. Even my father was reluctant to buy me the ones i wanted last time and i had to earn it by doing house hold chores. Now, working, earning my own income, i can literally buy the toys i always wanted, believe me, i have all the rare toys collection in my house in Kuching, Sarawak and here in KL.

So there i was, walking in One Utama, people buying Xmas Gifts, shows were being done, kids running about, me looking at kids holding a box of toys, their parents come over, pick it up and put it back, kids crying wanting it. I never cried when i wanted a toy, i just look for ways on how to obtain it [Not Stealing] but by being manja, or how to put it in English [Act Cute?] So my gf thought it would be funny to get one of the items below, some of which i dont even want, as some boys really loves Transformers, the 1st one from the animated series isnt my cup of tea because i still favor old school Transformers and the movie version. But in the end i only love one thing and one thing only, scroll down to see…


RM199? So expensive! Might just get me Warhammer 40k


I love to play doh-dough while I was a kid, but now I am just too old for it šŸ˜¦

This is another expensive option again. I am sure that she can design another personalized Christmas card at no cost at all.

This is another expensive option again. I am sure that she can design another personalized Christmas card at no cost at all.

Hmmmm…. I likeĀ none of the above, what about the next one?


The best pressie for all the man who don't know how to cook. It might be useful when our 'chef' is travelling. But we have 'Maggi Mee', so why want to trouble ourself in the kitchen?

Still, I don’t like all these proposal she gave. How?

… In fact, she already bought me a present from UK and it should reaches our house by next week. And for those who doesn’t know what is [Warhammer40k], do a Google search as it is a tabletop game which is uber famous around the world. Ā Nevertheless, do remember to appreciate every Christmas present we receive, it is the thought that counts.



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