Gurney Drive at The Gardens

Gurney Drive at The Gardens? Don’t get me wrong, Gurney Drive is located at The Gardens, Mid Valley too, not just Penang.


But this Gurney Drive is not located along the seaside. Its exterior might give you an impression that this is a very expensive restaurant as it is situated at The Gardens.


As explained by its name, Gurney Drive’s concept is very much focus on the most famous Penang hawker food, with modern interior design.


Some of the dishes featured on the menu. The pricing is very reasonable too.


My GF opted the set menu that came with curry kapitan, sambal prawns with petai, braised pork meat with egg, fried sengkuang and rice. Besides, all the set menus also include soft drink and dessert of the day.


I ordered Bah Kut Teh for myself. If you’re me, I am sure that you won’t expect much from this dish because this is not a famous bah kut teh stall in Klang valley. However, it is even better than certain bah kut teh stall that I know out there.


Our bill came up to RM34 only, which I must say that it is very cheap because we are now at The Gardens – one of the shopping complex in KL that cater to rich people only. So why don’t give it a try if you happen to be at Mid Valley, but have no idea what cheap food that you can get, apart from fast food.


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