Turkey time, Christmas time

Christmas is getting more commercialize during these last few years. Having an exotic Christmas eve dinner at any of the restaurant or hotel can simply cost a few hundred ringgit. That’s ridiculous! Yet, it’s now recession time, cut cost time!

Few weeks before Christmas, while I was still scratching my head thinking where should I bring my GF for this year’s Christmas eve dinner,she told me that she wants to have it at home instead. Good idea! At least this way can save those needed dough for a rainy day.

As schedule, we went to shop for grocerry at The Gardens on last Sunday and suddenly, she told me that she wants to get turkey. So far only my mum and aunt know how to cook Turkey, I was really worried that can she make it or not as this is her first time. Same goes to her, as she even asked me how if the turkey doesn’t taste good. Well, seriously, I don’t really care how is it going to be. This is her first time and it is the food of love, I will still finish it no matter what. To make her be more confident, I even offered to slice the turkey meat, which I never done it before as well.

In fact the hardest part of preparing turkey is to make the sauce. I even called my mum and asked for advice and then gave her the tips. The amount of juice we got is so little. Then she has to stir the mixture occassionally too to avoid the gravy from getting burned. At the same time, I was facing a few challenges too because I totally have no idea how to slice the meat.

Luckily, after spending few hours in the kitchen, finally her creation – Christmas platter was ready to serve.


 Accompanied by grilled meatball and fresh vegetables, the sliced turkey taste surprisingly tender and juicy. Both of us end up to be very full for the whole night, as the portion was very huge that hardly can be found at any restaurants. Somemore, it costs us less than RM30 for this year’s Christmas eve dinner. Really worth it and yet memorable X’mas indeed!


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