Thanks, Santa!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas… . Here he was, with many presents for both of us.  For those who are kids that believe in Santa Claus and hoping that their presents arrive under the Christmas Tree, if you were a kid and reading this now, let’s face it. It was our parents that put it there in the first place, like me when i was a kid, i was estatic to find presents under the tree but it wasnt what i wanted, still i was excited. The presents that i wanted can only be available thru ordering it from UK and some of it is sold in certain places around KL.



This Santa came from UK and he must have loved Warhammer as much as I do.


Ork Trukk – with this new model, I can get to my opponents even faster and kill even more enemies on the table. Seriously folks, this is a tabletop game and i only literally “kill” my friends models, that or the other way around.


I just love warhammer and it’s the best present for me ever. Even during the time of this writing i was painting and assembling the ones i had many months back. The ones below are the ones i got before Christmas but i decided to keep it still in its plastic wrapping and only those that i really need i opened just to see whether there are some parts that i really need.



An authentic Italian designer handbag


I just realize that she has received so many pearl costume jewellery from me already.


A cute bear that she got from Secret Santa. This bear is now sleeping next to us everyday, together with many other soft toys. Which we now call “Noti”.


This is definitely the most unbelievable present that she got. Santa must have thought that she is still a little girl (because of her new hair style)


These are just part of the presents we received. Nevertheless, we love all our presents so much and really appreciate it. Thanks Santa and looking forward to see you again very soon.


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