Another Sad Doggie Movie – Hearty Paws

“Why all the dogs must die at the end of the movie?”

This is what my GF text me this afternoon, after she watched the re-run of this Korean movie – Hearty Paws. Another sad doggie movie that really appeal to both of us.


I watched this movie alone last week when Astro Celestial (Ch 322) was showing it. I must admit that I cried and I am sure that the same goes to my Gf although she is also watching it alone.  

“Hearty Paws” depicts how two siblings, Chan and So-i trying their very hard to survive after being left by their mother. Certainly, their dog whose name is Hearty has brought them laughter and happiness too. As expected, good days don’t last long. So-i past away, Chan left Hearty to look for his mother in Bushan, one after another… . But, Hearty is still very loyal to Chan, it travels days and nights to look for Chan and it is always there to help the owner when he is in trouble. Here, you should have known that Hearty dies because of trying to rescue Chan and not death thru old age, that make it different from Socks in ’10 Promises to My Dog’ or ‘Quill’.


Once again, this movie tell us that dog is man’s best friend, they are the most loyal friend ever. This is the fact that can never be changed. Friend can betray us, friend can become enemy. But dog will never do that to us, it will be the one accompany us whenever we are alone and in need of someone. It is such an amazing creation of God that will know who their owner, master and friend is.

This reminds me of a real life example, Bobby that my GF adopted and saved from a road side while it was just a puppy. Although Bobby didn’t grow up with her, but it knows that who brought her home.  It barks at me everytime when it see me, as if it knows that both of us are sharing my GF. There was one time she even wanted to bite me when I disturbed my GF playing with her.


… “Cos they wan to make ppl like u n me to cry”, this is what I replied.

P/S: Movie’s trailer can be downloaded here.


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