Who says size doesn’t matter?


Yes, she’s lying. Tell me, who can resist to a burger that its weight is approximately 1/2kg? I doubt that she can say NO also. 


If you’re still wondering what is this post about, let me reveal it now.


I first came to Carls’ Junior (Jr.) when my Japanese friend celebrated his birthday party here. Immediately, I fall in love with it and Carls’ Jr. came into my mind everytime when I am hunger for burger. Burger King & McD can be set aside from now on.


Even though Carls’ Jr. is also a fast food restaurant, but all the burgers are prepared fresh upon your order is placed. So do expect to be sit down and wait for your order.


Want to know the three reasons why I love Carls’ Jr.?

Reason No. 1 – Bottomless drink! You can refill it as many time as you like and even take it away.


Reason No. 2 – Crispy and huge cut of fries


Reason No. 3 – Of course, it is the burger itself that can even feed a couple.


By the way, you may also simply pick for any pickles or side dishes that you prefer from the counter.


If you compare the price and size of the portion with set menu in McD or Burger King, you will certainly agree that Carls’ Jr. is more worthy. Just check it out and you’ll understand what I mean!

Carls’ Jr. is located in Mid Valley, One Utama & Pavillion KL.


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