Oh, Duren Duren!

Just like many Malaysian, I love Durian! But I have not been eating durian for three years already, ever since I came to work in KL. My GF is allergy to durian so durian is strictly prohibited in our house.

Early this month, there was one evening where we were stucked in a very bad jam at Sungai Wang area. It tooks us an hour time to come down from the roof top car park, isn’t it crazy? Both of us and my elder brother were going mad with the traffic and out of sudden, she wanted to get down from the car and went to Low Yat Plaza. The car was not even moving but she came back with a box of Big Apple donuts, including 2 pieces of durian donuts. Until today I still don’t understand why she got me durian donut, that’s just unbelieveable. Perhaps the traffic really drove her mad?


It was my first time trying duren duren. The pastry of duren duren is pre-baked with fresh durian cream to be filled in later upon order. So this spikey look of donut must be consumed within 3 hours. The best part is it doesn’t has any strong durian smell (or else someone might vomit in the car already). Simply irresistible!

By the way, Big Apple Donuts is now having this contest called ‘Lord of The Ring’. I gave my vote to Duren Duren. What about you? Log on now to www.bigappledonuts.com for more information.


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