New Year Resolution

Today is 4 January 2009 and this is my first post in 2009.’ Happi Nu Ear’!

2008 is now part of the history in our life and 2009 is a new chapter that we are yet to brainstorm how the storyline should be. Many friends that I know already listed down their new year resolution in late December, aren’t you one of them?

Surprisingly, we came across many friends’ new year resolution is to start his/her own business. Is this the trend now for our generation? If you still remember what I posted earlier regarding the forecast for the year of the Ox, this is a good year for my GF to start her own business. Anyway, she has no plan to leave her full time job now, but there is no harm to dream of the following business.

1. E-boutique


A good friend of her who has the source to purchase latest fashion from China, Hong Kong and other Asian countries proposed this idea to her. No modal is required, no manpower is required, but no fitting is still too new to Malaysian, they can’t accept it yet.

2. Branding  & Communications Consultancy


Back to her current work except that she is running her own business.

3. Wedding planner


With her numerous years of experience in planning and organizing events like bridal fairs, launching ceremony, fund raising project & etc, it is not hard at all for her to make all the love birds’ dream wedding come true. Yet, another best friend of her is a full time wedding cum event planner, if they really own a wedding consultancy, I am sure that they can work well on it.

What about myself? I bet that you will definitely think that there is something wrong somewhere… .  Or you might start calling me ‘bapa ayam’, like what my GF said? But do you know that Gigolo club isn’t something new in Japan and there is nothing to do with sexual activities?


According to my Japanese friend, in Japan, gigolo club is a place where the ladies will hang out when they want to release the stress from their busy lifestyle. Again, I must stress that all the male attendants a.k.a ‘gigolo’ do not provide sex services to the ladies. Their duties are just to serve food and drinks, chit chat with them, dance or sing, or even playing games with the ladies.

Frankly speaking, I don’t think that Malaysian can accept this concept at all and getting the business license would be extremely difficult too. But if everyone is granted a dream in the beginning of year, then why can’t I dream of owning a gigola club to make all the ladies happy?


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