Busy week before CNY

Year of the Ox is just few days away but life is getting busier. Since last week, my schedule was packed with work, accompanying my GF for last minute shopping, helping her in baking cookies, etc and etc. However, we have not even get most of the things done yet. Her must-do list is still long to go, for instance cleaning up the house, packing luggage, lining up at Petaling Street for dried meat / ‘bak kwa’ and somemore she is suppose to see the doctor again on this coming Friday to take her vaccine. There are too many things that we need to get it done before the holiday.

Lovely chocolate chips on the way

Lovely chocolate chips on the way

Not only that, my work load is getting crazier too. Since another team member left the company end of last year, the manager didn’t hire any new staff yet. Their reason behind is my colleague and I are too efficient!

I used to be the one who always leave the office sharp but now I have to stay back till I am always stuck in the jam everyday when I go home. I am super tiring when I reach home, sleep very early, wake up before the alarm clock ring and even go to work before 6am so I can finish all the emails. My GF complaints that I am too busy and don’t have much time for her as we have to catch up with each other via email at works.

Sigh… why is it only 24 hours in a day!?


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