Sleeptalking – A Common Problem

For certain unknown reason, I have a very weird habit – talking, walk around, fighting or even tai chi in my sweet dream. It happens very often and only the person sleep next to me will know about it because I totally cannot remember what I did.

Recently, my bad habit came again. There was one night when I suddenly asked my GF to wake up, i didnt know this until she told me actually what happened. “Look, the Space Marines are walking on the ceiling. They have the spirit and they are alive now.” Then I zzzz~ again and only get to know what happened at midnight when my GF told me the next day. The reason why i said space marines was because this is my favourite hobby from Games Workshop and play it with my friends in Midvalley Comics Mart. And i would usually imagine about how to use my army in a tactical fashion against my opponent.

Few days after that incident, my GF complaint that her jaw is painful. Initially I thought that it is caused by her teeth or gum. Even though she disagree with my opinion, she still went to see dentist but the dentist said everything is perfect.

Then, we went to see our regular family doctor. After checked up, he looked at me instead. “Did you beat her?” I was stunned and totally didn’t know what to say because the doctor suspect that someone must have hurt her. Need not to tell further, I was the suspect.

I refused to believe it at first but when I tried to analyze our sleeping position, I found that what the doctor suspect does make sense. I must be have hurt her jaw with my elbow while we were sleeping.

Sometimes I couldn’t believe what I had done also when my GF told me what happened the night before. Neither, I have no idea what will happen again tonight. If you happen to be the unfortunate one, do tell me what did I do last night.

Sleepwalking can be very hazardous to people who doesnt know it, there have been reports of people sleepwalking and murder their spouse or family, this i have reminded my gf many times if she ever see me with a knife, shout or scream or throw me with the kitchen sink to wake me up. But i know myself, im no psychotic killer or have a sadistic imagination, meaning i wont be doing anything stupid and would go on with my daily life.

Good night and sweet dream!


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