4D/3N in Gleneagles Intan Medical Center

Due to allergy (caused by the medicine given by our regular clinic doctor), my gf was admitted into Gleneagles Intan Medical Center, Ampang – a hospital that claims that they have the best doctors in Malaysia.

I am not so familiar with the private hospitals in KL. So far I have only been to Tawakal and Tung Shin. Recommended by our good friend who is also an insurance agent, Gleneagles really impressed us! 

$$$ (Cost) – At first my gf was facing some problems with her company’s medical insurance, so she has to pay the deposit while waiting for her HR to sort out everything. I remember very well that last time I only paid RM200 when she was admitted into Tawakal Hospital.  This could be standard amount required by other private hospitals in Malaysia too, but seriously, we didn’t expect it to be RM2,000. *sweating*. After oneday of staying in the hospital she was given a fruit basket by her company, i asked her what’s with the basket and she told me that for anyone from her company, and i meant anyone or everyone from her company who goes sick, there will be a fruit basket send to them, yes, even the cleaning lady get’s one. Thats nice and sweet of them.


After the first lesson, we were ready to see her final bill, even though it is fully paid by her company. The charges for gynae to visit her at ward during office hour is RM90 per visit; PH and Sunday is RM 135 per visit; to come back hospital for emergency call on Sunday is RM270. In total, her bill came up to RM2,300 (enough for me to buy a new X-box 360 and PS3 with original games).

Time for me top up my medical card again so I can also enjoy all these facilities and services without worry in case if I am sick.

Facilities – My gf get to stay in a single room as this is part of her company benefits too. For RM230 per night, it is well equipped with wardrobe, astro, telephone and attached bathroom. Sounds very luxury, right? Well, if you can afford to pay more, you may even enjoy other facilities like mini-fridge, private lounge and etc during the stay in executive or suite room.

Apart from that, this hospital also have Haagen-Dazs, Dome, salon, restaurant, bank and garden – like a miniature shopping centre instead.


On the third day, my gf went to the gynae’s clinic for ultrasound check-up. My first impression when stepped into the clinic was ‘Holy shit, what kind of clinic is this?’ Don’t blame me for saying this, it is really very nice and doesn’t look like a clinic at all. It looks like a nice decorated living room built in the hospital, and who can blame them, this doctors all have the Dato and Datuk rank. My gf told me that this gynae has a very high-tech equipment for ultrasound and the treatment room looks is so comfortable, just like a massage room in 5-star spa instead.



Service – After you’re paying so much and enjoying such a good facilities, needless to say, the services here is superb too (except an old nurse who was not so friendly to my gf when she pressed the bell for help). Other than her, we really have no complaints. All the nurses treat her like a princess. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea breaks and even supper are served on time. Or maybe because they all get paid handsomely and have no choice but to treat her that way.


Choices of menu to suit patient's tastebuds

 My gf is very particular when come to food. She refused to eat hospital food in the first place, as she thought that it would be same as what general hospital is serving. But, after the meal was served, she loves it so much because even it is low salt, low fat and low sugar, it tastes surprisingly good. I end up being the one eating the leftovers, because she doesnt eat much.

Beef steak with mashed potato and grilled tomato

Beef steak with mashed potato and grilled tomato


East meet West breakfast set

I like their food stalls at lobby area which sells breads and light meals. Although this is a 5-star hospital, but all the food are sold at a very reasonable price without compromise on the taste and i will always find an excuse to go buy one or many because the kuih and everything else are superb.

By the way, when our regular doctor knew that my gf was admitted because of his medicine’s fault, he tried so hard to defend himself. He didn’t even say sorry to us. He even said Gleneagles is a very expensive hospital. He must be very worry that we will take law action to against him. Well, don’t worry, we won’t waste our time on this but he won’t be our regular doctor from now on.



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2 responses to “4D/3N in Gleneagles Intan Medical Center

  1. Hey thx for the review / infos about Gleneagles!
    I am actually going to be admitted there tomorrow for my leg probs! So was wondering what is in store for me over there and found ur blog post!

    OMG BEEF STEAK for lunch??? YUMMY! Cheers mate!

    • herbdonald

      The food there is really nice, kinda miss it lah! Check out the nasi lemak packed in container which is sell at a stall next to outpatient area. Really yummy! Anyway, get well soon.

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