Left 4 Dead – The Ultimate Horror Online Game

Ever since i read about this game many years ago, i told myself, “Hah?Another shooter online game?Pffttt, must be lame and it wont work like WOW.”


Oh, man, how wrong was i then. Many months back before my good pal Ian left for japan, we were talking about this game and how great it was to play a horror shooting game. After he left, Jin asked me and the other guys in CM to play Last Night on Earth, a table top horror game. It was exciting yes, but others want to play a visual game. And what did i do after playing a tabletop horror game? So, me and my friends went to the nearby computer shop and try out Left 4 Dead, and i was hooked imediately. Told the pc shop girl that i would be back this month after CNY to get it, so i did, after advice from Vince and Ian to get the original, after the pirated version crashed my pc and crashed to desktop, and crashed my gf adobe.

Went to midvalley on wednesday night to the same shop i promised and bought my 1st original game after so long. I opened up the packaging and put the mousepad on my gaming table. What i need now in the future is a new killer mouse, probably upgrade my pc further to rival a ps3 or an xbox360 because those machines die faster than a rat stuck on glue.


After installing the game and patch it for a day and a night. I quickly dive in to give some zombie loving. I hosted a dedicated server, from my home coz i was kicked out from other teams game. I waited for 5min or more, thinking maybe there will be some people who join my normal “Death Toll” campaign game. Afterwards, it was full with players, but not English speaking players, all of them are from HONG KONG!!


How do you communicate in-game with non-English speaking players? You Dont!! I just told them, point and shoot, or “bang-bang, ok?”, quoted from another Hong Kong players, Mu Mu and Sandyz, both girl players. I was excited and started this campaign for the 1st time and used Bill, and we gave the Infected the bullet, “One Bullet at a time.” But it was not easy, until the end of the game, we got mauled, killed, gang raped, everything as we all voted for Expert Level. That will be the last time i choose an insane¬†difficulty level with un-coperative players who are all GungHo, other than my own friends.


I played the game non-stop yesterday and have gone through all the campaigns with different players, most who goes charging in far ahead from me and newly trusted friends, die in the hands of the Tank, Hunter and i gleefully laugh when i saw one player mauled to death by a Witch, then i killed it with my shotgun. After many hours i have obtained many achievements, and will go and play the game later tonite or tomorrow on Advanced level. So for those who are reading this, get the game, install because it’s FREE ONLINE!! And the original is ONLY RM138. It is fun, scary when the Hordes come charging at you. Trust me, i have emptied a few hundred or even thousands of rounds on the Infected during the escape in the airport. Fun to play with friends online and i loved it when you do win a campaign and someone dies, it will say in the credits.

“In Memory of [Insert Name Here]”

Nevertheless, Left 4 Dead is an awesome survival horror game, you dont need a good pc to play it. I’m playing on 800×600 and to avoid disconnection. I wonder if Valve is going to make a sequel to the game other than an expansion that’s coming soon. Me and my friends already thought of a title, “Dead 4 Good” and “4 Ever Dead”. If you do get the game, my online name is HerbDonald.

I give it a 9 out of 10.



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5 responses to “Left 4 Dead – The Ultimate Horror Online Game

  1. thepimp01

    how do u make a server i just started today i bought the game for pc and i dont know how to start playing and wonder if u want to join me

    • herbdonald

      honestly, i never made a dedicated server for myself, hehe. I just simply play with anyone online, most of them are japanese, hong kie’s, australian and some are from malaysia itself. What you can do it, i assume you already created a STEAM account and installed the fullgame through it. Click on dedicated server and wait until it loads, depending on your internet speed you should be able to make a server. Btw, my online L4Dead name is Herbdonald. ^_^

  2. I really think that steam accounts make a lot of problems and aren’t really worth the money. I am looking for alternatives right now, so are there any other options?

    • herbdonald

      You can try using a dedicated server created by another friend bypassing steam account checks. I do agree it is a hassle by going through it but so far i know, many pc online games use steam to check on the validity which is kind of annoying. But so far i know, there is no other way to go around it which is annoying at times.

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