Santa Barbara’s Sandal

My gf must be very tired on that day. She went to sleep immediately right after she reached home. Few hours later, I received her call and told me that she left her Santa Barbara’s sandal outside the house and one of it went missing.

We have been staying at this place for more than a year. So far, this place is very safe. We always leave our shoes outside and no incident has happened before.

However, we just don’t understand why only one of her shoes was stolen and not a pair. Could it be some naugthy kids kicked it to somewhere?

Since there is no point to keep the other shoe, so I just simply put it on the chair, next to our plant. If the person really want to steal the shoes, then might as well just take the other one so she can own a pair of it. As predicted, the other shoe also went missing at few days later.

My gf was so upset about it because this shoes is very new, she just wore it for few times and it is a very comfortable shoes that she loves it so much.

I know this incident is very dramatic but guess what, she found a pair of shoes that is exactly the same design, colour and brand at Mid Valley. It’s the last pair. Without think twice, she grabbed it home immediately.


Now we placed the empty box on the chair again, to see if the person will take it also.

“Kalau nak curi, ambillah sekali kotak ni!”


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