Sarawakian’s favourite dish – Kacang Ma

My gf hosted a luncheon for one of our good friend today. Last time when this friend visited us, together with another best friend, she made them Sarawak Laksa. They enjoyed it very much and look forward to a second laksa feast again.

Back to the luncheon today, even though the menu is very simple – sweet corn soup, fried abalone mushroom with abalone sauce and kacang ma chicken, but the later really impressed our guest. This is the first time she get to know kacang ma, she loves it so much and almost finished all of it. Despite that, she even asked my gf to buy her some if we go back Kuching and want to learn how to cook it.

Came from the family of mint, kacang ma’s scientific name is Leonurus sibiricus. Good for blood circulation, kacang ma is very common in Sarawak, especially Chinese family. For this reason, this dish is also a popular dish to be served to during confinement. As this is my gf’s favourite dish and it is good for ladies, so my gf make this dish very often.


Ingredients used to prepare kacang ma chicken

According to my galfriend, the tips to make good kacang ma chicken are:

1. Use sesame oil only and not any cooking oil

2. Substitute water with rice wine and ginger juice

3. No msg (Ajinomoto) and salt

4. Use old ginger only

5. Steam the dish for 10-15 minutes before serving


Unfortunately kacang ma isn’t as famous as kolo mee or Sarawak laksa that non Sarawakian know. Never mind, from now on, we will make this dish as a must served whenever we are hosting gathering for non-Sarawakian friends from now on. Isn’t that good food is mean to be share? Like my good old friend in Kuching always tell me, “Sharing is Caring.”



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6 responses to “Sarawakian’s favourite dish – Kacang Ma

  1. what is the ingredient in orangey bowl? black pepper?

  2. Ivy Mau

    wow…looks nyummy

  3. oh yum! confinement food! LOL! yes.. with kacang ma, using minyak lenga’.. or sesame oil makes a whole world of differnce to me.. 🙂

  4. kiyung ak batuh

    i never know that people steam kacang ma as i saw in local coffee shop the ingredient will be boil together inside a claypot.

  5. I returned home to Kuching 2009 and enjoyed a delicious kachang ma dish in a restaurant in Padungnan Road. Does anyone know the name of this place? i would like to come to same place on my next visit. Thank you for sharing the kachang ma recipe – one of my fav dish.

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