Final Fantasy the Orchestra


Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy

Arnie Roth with Singapore Festival Orchestra/ Victoria Chorale/ The Vocal Consort (USA/Singapore)

Asian Premiere

Today’s video game classic, Final Fantasy, with its most memorable state-of-the-art images and award-winning game soundtrack composed by the “John Williams” of gaming music, Nobuo Uematsu, will mesmerise all, whether you’re familiar or new to the world of video games.

“A concert like this is extremely hard to pass up. I highly urge you to be a part of the experience that is the modern musical legend, Nobuo Uematsu.”


This is the advertisement put up for viewers like me to gawk at, being a Final Fantasy fan ever since FF came out for the Nintendo, to the Super Nintendo, Gameboy Advance. The music of the game have always inspired me, from going from adventure to adventure, intriguing storyline, memorable characters that you meet on your adventure and villains which will be stuck in your mind from years to come.

When the Playstation came out, it also released a game which have stood the test of time and also, until now, be in the hearts of players all around the world. This game is known as Final Fantasy 7, and my friends and their friends and everyone all around have claimed that, this game is the all around best adventure game ever. I may be wrong, but who would forget such a great anti-hero like Sephiroth, his long white hair and his ultra long Murasama sword. Many also believe, if SquareEnix ever release this game for the Playstation 3, everyone and i mean anyone who have played all Final fantasy games will be running to the nearest store and get one machine and one game. But what im so interested about is when my collegue told me that there will be an Orchastric Symphony of Final Fantasy music coming to Singapore on the 9th of May.

Not only that, what i would know is, they will definitely be playing my favourite music from the games i have played. Im so excited i can’t wait for this event to come and my gf have already bought the tickets for this amazing show. Eventhough this show will not bring itself to Malaysia, i would understand why, but instead of them coming over here may as well bring yourself over there. Who cares if the rate is expensive, Who cares if the hotel is expensive, who cares if the trip is too. This is an event that is not supposed to be missed, by Final Fantasy fans and those who adore beautiful Orchastric music.

I would’nt want to miss this, Singapore, Here I Come.



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2 responses to “Final Fantasy the Orchestra

  1. V

    well hello..I’m fans from Final Fantasy Also…and I just know that FF the orchestra will be held in Singapore today…what a pity coz the ticket’s sold out already…Is there any chance I can get the ticket now?:(

    • herbdonald

      In fact they already start selling the tickets last month and it’s like a hot cake. Yet they only have two shows. Doubt so you can still get the ticket. So sorry to hear that.

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