New Family Member

With great pleasure, we would like to announce the arrival of our new family member on 7 March 2009, at 1am. Sounds like I am now a father. ^_^

We came back from midnight supper as both of us didn’t have dinner earlier on friday night after a few hours of gaming with my collegues at a Cybercafe. As usual, we have to walk up the staircase to the 4th floor of our apartment. When my gf was about to unlock the padlock, suddenly we saw a black kitten following behind us. We have no idea where it came from but none of our neighbours kept a cat, so most probably it could be climbing up the staircase with us but we’re not aware at all. A Ninja cat perhaps because it is black and for me i am quite superstitious and ignored it.


At first we thought that this kitten was here for a  ‘visit’ only and never expect it will still be around on next day morning. I told my gf, if this cat still be around in the morning and outside the apartment, then it must be either looking for a cat, or “the spirit of my gf old cat reborn back into this black kitten.”


Even though it is just a few months old, but it is a quick learner and very obedient. She knows that what we like and dislike, what to do and don’t. When i told this cat to stay outside, it will just sit down and look at me, but i have no love for this cat yet.


All these happen too sudden and we are not really prepare for it yet. We have not give her a name because we don’t know will she really stay with us. Also, we are yet to shop for her accessories, toiletries, toys and etc. Not only that, we are now worry too that who is going to take care of her while we are away to Hong Kong. I’m going to ask one of my close friend here in KL if she would be willing to takecare of this kitten.


Anyway, if it is really the one for us, I am sure that God has his plan for us too.



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