What name to give?

As stated in my previous article, we haven’t give this little kitten a name yet. This is really a challenge for us because both also have our own choice. So for the first two days, we addressed the kitten as ‘miaw’ only.

We wanted a name that’s best match the character / personality of our little kitten. From google search, we came across a website that provide list of name for black cat. Blackie, Nightmare, Ninja, Blackberry, Coco, Good Luck Charm, etc and etc, as the list goes on. We even thought of calling her Marley, because it is really very hyper and naughty like Marley or ‘Hei’, which means black in mandarin. Well, finally we decided to call her Lucyfurr because to me,she’s the devil in disguise. Don’t you think so? Look at those evil siniter eyes.


Lucyfurr & her toys

Lucyfurr loves to play, even when she is alone. Even though she already has a ribbon and yarn ball to keep her entertained, but she has turned the carpet and my model into her toys. Sometimes, she will also play around with our leg or whatever that she found. Otherwise, she will be running all around the house or jumping here and there.

Lucyfurr’s first collar

We bought Lucyfurr a pink colour collar, with a blue colour bell. She looks pretty on it as her fur is totally black. Nice colour combination. In the first place, she doesn’t like her collar at all and tried so hard to take it off. Results of this, she already lost her collar on the first night but luckily we managed to find it near our neighbour’s house. After two days of wearing it, Lucyfurr already get use to it now. It is easier for us to know where is she also because her bell rings when she walk around. Otherwise, she will give us heart attack at anytime because she can just suddenly be next to one of us without knowing or even step on her in the darkness.

Lucyfurr, we hope that you will like this collar too and take a good care of it.


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  1. Lirine

    Hyeee baby kitty Lucyfyrr!

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