Dawn Of War II – Review


Ever since i got my Dawn of War II game late evening yesterday i have been hooked to it ever since until today and thought of writing my own review for it. As an avid Warhammer 40K player myself, since i collect and play the tabletop game i want to know how well the game plays. After installing the game, go through Windows Live [ this is an act to stop piracy]  and create my account, quickly start the game as im so excited waiting for it ever since i heard the news and follow up with the game development.

I won’t go ahead and tell everyone what is the story all about, as everyone knows the game is based from the popular RTS, for those who doesnt know it stands for [Real Time Strategy], the game was the ever popular Dawn of War. This in turn, make everyone around the world know about Warhammer 40k and it’s tabletop equivelant. There was one time some kids went to the hobby store where i usually play the tabletop version of this game. They pointed out to my Space Marines and said, “Hey!! Aren’t those Blood Ravens?” I stared at them and said they are my own created chapter. Yeah, it is painted Blood Ravens color, except the shoulder plates. But before i go on, this game is NOT like the old DOW, as there are no resources to be made, no troops to be trained and not spam a lot of army to crush your enemies. This game is purely tactical, using your surroundings and using the enemies weakness against them.


In this game you control the Blood Ravens, and create your own Force Commander, the lead man himself for the whole game. Throughout the whole campaign, you get to save, recruit and lead a few Heroes whom have their own special skills and battle style. From Assault to Long Range fire and even the Scout, all this heroes have their own strenght and weaknesses. THQ have made this game just like it’s other strategy game “Company of Heroes” and used the same formula. Enemies will hide in cover, some will go inside buildings and shoot from inside and many other tactical situations.

As of this writing i am in Day 9 within the game and have met the real adversary following it’s storyline, the Tyrannids. This alien are the devourers of world and are quite tough if you play Captain or Primarch level. If you buy the special edition version of the game you get powerful weapons and a new Space Marine chapter to be used, this can make the game slightly easy. But dont quote my word for it, this game can be tough but not that hard to beat. One thing i like about the game is the experience system, where each of your squad level up and you can equip them with items that drop from enemy soldiers and this item can make them stronger, as long as you meet your requirements to use them.


Some items do not drop during every mission, i dont know if its scripted but while playing the same missions bu using harder difficulty levels. Different items drop with different stats to them. This items will also be shown on your troops, except the usesable items, and i love to see my hard earned wargear clearly shown on my heroes.


Dawn of War II storyline is nicely done, telling of the Orks, Eldar to the Tyrannids and so on. From Cyrus explaining about the enemies he encountered since the day he joined the …. and Davien Thule heroic effort in saving his Space Marines. I do not want to spoil the game as im afraid my reader will come at me with Bolter and Chainsword. The game is nicely done, good storyline, love the items exchange interface and it’s level up system. It feels more like an RPG than an RTS, or just combine them both and make RTRPG. For those waiting for StarCraft II, this is a good game to get, whether you’re a fan of the tabletop game, or have played the Dawn of War series before. This game is not to be missed and should be on the shelves of every RTS players around, and i only review good games. Until my next game review next time folks.




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2 responses to “Dawn Of War II – Review

  1. Great review! and now the game is at a discount on steam!

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