First Visit to The Vet

Lucyfurr has been staying with us for a week and now, it is time to bring her for a health check-up. Certain people might comment that it’s a waste of money only, but have you even thought of they are also God’s creations? They are just like a baby who needs tender care from us!

This is Lucyfurr’s first car ride and she dislike it at all. Initially our plan was to go wet market only, who knows she followed my gf going down the staircase so we had to bring her into car together with us. Well, since we will pass by Animal Medical Center and Lucyfurr was already in the car, so why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone?

Somemore, we have a feeling that it would be hard for us to bring Lucyfurr for car ride again anytime soon because she was trying all her way to escape from the window, if not scratch me again.


The clinic was still very quiet as we arrived there early. Thanks God or else we will having headache again over Lucyfurr as she was scratching my again while waiting for the nurse to register her. But once the Vet asked his assistance to carry Lucyfurr into the treatment room, she calm down immediately, as if she knows that something is going on.

Overall, Lucyfurr is healthy except that she needs to put on as her weight is only 1.5kg. We were also shocked to fund out that she is actually  2 mths old 3 1/2 months old. (That means she was born sometime around 1 Jan) Ideal age for her first jab of vaccine and surprisingly that she didn’t cry at all. Good kitten!


The Vet also gave us a box of kitten pack as he said Lucyfurr should eat  cat food only. No fish for her anymore even though that’s her favourite food which isn’t good for her digestion and health.


This kitten pack also comes with a small guide book on how to take care of kitten. Such a lovely present for us! This is not our first time to keep a kitten, but before this, we were not taught on the proper way to raise up a kitten. If we were not given this book, until now we won’t know how to switch her diet plan from fish and rice to kitten biscuit.


After a day trying cat food, we can see Lucyfurr put on weight now. That’s unbelievable! Before today, she was still very skinny, just like how she was when we first met her. Perhaps cat is really meant to eat cat food only. Hopefully Lucyfurr will adapt her new diet menu soon and of course, grow faster. We couldn’t wait to hug a fatty kitten.



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4 responses to “First Visit to The Vet

  1. Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

  2. Lirine

    Where’s my comment?

  3. that is so cool! I also have the same problem, raising cats but without a guide. But now we have a healthy cat with all the vaccines and the best care we could give him.

    • herbdonald

      Glad to hear that! Lucyfurr will be having her second vaccine this weekend. Can’t wait to know what is her weight now.

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