HKG, China & Macau Trip – Day 1

Many things happened within that 24 hours before we departed to Hong Kong. My gf’s best friend, Ms. Oh a.k.a turtle ;p- arrived in KL on Friday night and my gf was having high fever, 38.8 degree. Not a good sign. My tech lead asked me to go home at 6.15am but I left my jacket in the office, so I had to make a big u-turn back to Cyberjaya and end up arrived home at 7.45am. Then, I accidentally broke the memory card of my DS which I wanted to bring it to HKG. Also, we were panic for a while as my gf couldn’t find her IC which was actually in her wallet. But all these things didn’t stop us from flying high especially when the money changer sent us the HKG dollar and RMB.


Our flight departed at 4pm and it’s a 4-hour flight.


Golden hour in the flight.


We landed in Hong Kong International Airport at 8pm sharp. But we wasted about an hour time to look for counter to purchase octopus card (a.k.a. Touch N Go in Malaysia). With this card, we can now ride on any bus without worry that we don’t have enough change (no small change will be given back), save time on lining up for MTR tickets & even use for payment at 7 Eleven or McDonald.


Three of us were so excited to see the double decker bus as we don’t see this in Malaysia. But there is one thing very funny with the bus in HKG, which is the passengers are not allowed to talk to the bus driver while the bus is moving. Or else you will be fined. *gasp* *shock*


Jo’s place, another one of my gf friend lives on Ma Onn Shan is really far from town, which explained that it tooks us an hour time to arrive there. She told us that the apartment we are staying in are govertment’s low cost apartment, that looks even nicer than any high class condo in Mont Kiara, Sentul or Bangsar. Yet, the security here is very tight. The residents of each unit is given a pin number to enter the main entrance. This will never happen to the low cost apartment in Malaysia 😦


After putting down the luggages at Jo’s house, she treated us for welcome supper at this eating place not far from her apartment. My first meal in HKG, very excited.


We came across this while walking to the eating place. Left, right? Good idea to lower down the number of road accident, especially for foreigners like us who have no idea where the car is coming from.


Here comes my problem, I don’t know what to order as all the menu are written in Mandarin. The only thing I know is the luncheon meat which is displayed on the rack. I asked my gf what is the luncheon meat for and found out that Hong Kong has a specialty called push-kart noodles (车仔面).


Hor Fun with luncheon meat & meatballs

The way push-cart noodles is served is very unique, one is given 9 types of noodles (hor fun, bihun, thick yellow noodles & etc) to be chosen from. Then opt for another 2 types of side dishes. Actually Hong Kong’s food portion is very huge, so we just ordered portion for two bowls to share.


Thick noodles with curry fish balls and mushroom

Price: HKD $ 13 per bowl

Jo also ordered the Hong Kong style’s O-chien (oyster omelette) for us to try. It looks similar with what we have in Malaysia, but it tastes different.


Price: HKD $38 (B); HKD $ 28 (S)

The reason behind is it’s deep-fried, not either wok-fried or pan-fried, but still, it is not that oily. From this meal, we get to discover that Hongkee’s tastebud is very different from Malaysian, all their food are less in oil, sugar and salt.


Dessert plays an important role in Hongkee’s diet, it is a must have after lunch or dinner. This is the first time I tried Mango puree with sago and pomelo (扬枝甘露). Jo said this stall’s dessert isn’t good, but to me, there is only one word to describe it – heaven!


Price: HKD $ 18

Ok, time to rest after supper for another adventure in Mainland of China. My first night in HKG ~ sweet dream!

There will be more adventures to come, i even wrote all the places i go too in either mandarin or english, and all the foods, i love the food. Stay tuned for more stories.


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