HKG, China & Macau – Day 2 / Part 1: Dim Sum @ Shenzhen

As per our itinerary, we were heading to Mainland of China on the second day of our trip. We took the bus from Jo’s place to the train station, and in about half an hour time, we already arrived Lo Wu, Shenzhen. That’s really fast!


While waiting at the imigration line, my gf was stop by the immigration officer, not because she carries drug or prohibited items. But the photo in her passport looks extremely different from her current look. Ugly Long hair + sleepy look vs. Pretty Short hair + energetic look. The lady on duty even asked her to show other identity document, to prove that she is really the one in the passport’s photo. It took quite a while waiting for her, because the Officer keep on looking at the passport, the IC and then her and back again. Very tight security i might say.


Right when we came out from the immigration, we saw this restaurant – 玉桂园火锅海鲜酒家. Frankly speaking, for someone like me who don’t understand mandarin, I am just an alien here. I just simply followed those three angels, to wherever that they think it’s the best place to go. I am satisfied as long as I get to have food, and i make sure that the food i must have is tasty, great and heavenly.


This restaurant may looks very high class and the pricing dsplayed on their menu is also not cheap, ranging from RMB4.80 to RMB18. But to my surprise, they actually offer 40% discount on your total bill. Jo told us that this is a common practice to most of the restaurants in Hong Kong and China. The items offered are more towards traditional dim sum, but isn’t that this is also what we are expecting when having dim sum in Mainland China? I just sat here while my gf friends look at the menu and ordered, and i told them specifically that i want Char Siew Pao and i quietly waited.


Ginger pork leg with egg, 鸡蛋猪脚姜 (Price: RMB12)

Then, the order arrived. Ofcoz i didnt know what it was and many of the people around me spoke mandarin, deep mandarin dialeg. The first item, isn’t up to my gf’s expectation. She said it would taste better if add in more vinegar and to not use overnight egg, But to me, it’s fine. I actually like it, the pork meat was tender, the soup was delicious although fatening. I have to drink quite a few cups of hot chinese tea just to get it off.


Steamed Siu Mai, 桂园烧卖皇 (Price: RMB18)

Second on the list when the lady arrive to put it on the table is Steamed Siu Mai. This dish may look too common to all of us, but the quality is surprisingly good. Used only fresh and big prawns, and when i say big it’s BIG. Oh no, now we really think that dim sum in Malaysia is so-so only. How we wish that we can have this in Malaysia too. The portion in my own country is small and if its even bigger you would have to pay more.


Emperor Har Kaw, 至尊虾饺皇 (Price: RMB18)

Next, is the crystal clear skin and freshness of prawns used determine the quality of good har kaw. And yes, I am giving it a thumbs up. When you put it in your mouth, you can feel the juicyness of the prawn inside explode and covers your mouth completely. I will never forget that experience.


BBQ Char Siew Pau, 蜜汁叉烧包 (Price: RMB12)

This is not the final dish on the list but i was so ever happy when i saw it being serve on the table. My oh so favourite Char Siew Pau. When I had my first bite, oh, I really wish that we had ordered more and for the whole day, I only know ‘char siew pau’  amd keep on referring to it throughout our journey until the girls even called me ‘char siew pau’ as a nickname. So now you know how superb it is! I intend to compare the pau i had in Shen Zhen and the one near my area in Genting Klang. To me both of it have it’s good qualities.


Shark Fin Dumpling in Superior Stock, 鱼翅灌汤饺 (Price: RMB18) 

While we all expect the dumpling to be filled with shark’s fin, in fact it dissapoint us as only shredded crab meats were found. If the superior stock isn’t good, I am sure that someone next me will definitely make noise already. But maybe due to the amount of people around me, everyone could be ordering the same dish and all the shark fin stock ended up dry. I cant find this anywhere else yet, but maybe i will go to the Sri Petaling dim sum place sometime nextweek.


Braised Chicken Feet, 桂林酱蒸风爪 (Price: RMB15)

I have tasted a lot of chicken feet during my youth, my mum knows how to make one, the hundreds of dim sum shop i have been too but this one, is no surprise at all. Think my favourite dim sum place in Genting Kelang serves even better chicken feet. Could be because malaysian chicken are better compared to china chicken? The mind seems to wonder of the possibility.


Beef Chee Cheong Fun, 香茜牛肉肠 (Price: RMB15)

Normally in Malaysia, we can only get Char Siew Chee Cheong Fun or Prawns Chee Cheong Fun. However, in Shenzhen, you’ll be able to get many different flavour of Chee Cheong Fun, which you may not even heard of it before, just like this Beef Chee Cheong Fun. Something unusual, worth to try. But to any regular person out there, this taste almost the same as the others, just that you get more varieties in choosing.

The total bill came up to RMB87 only (including tea), for four of us. That’s surprisingly cheap and worth it, especially if you know how much is good dim sum place in Malaysia normally charging. But to me, the only thing that I came into my mind now is still the char siew pau.Char siew pau… may I have more please? Even earlier today i was thinking of getting the pau, but the pau finish even before i can buy it. SAD.

 玉桂园火锅海鲜酒家, 深圳红桂路2068号



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