HKG, China & Macau – Day 2 / Part 2: Window of the World

Our original plan for day 2 was to go Guangzhou in the morning, however, it was changed then when Jo suggested us to walk around in Shenzhen first. We took the subway from first station, Lo Wu to the last station and all I was told were Paris, Eygpt, Rome and etc. What’s on actually? Aren’t we in Shenzhen now?


As we got off the MTR and wanted to walk up the escalator going to this place Jo mentioned. We received a ‘warm welcome’ from a little girl with roses in her hand, when we were walking towards our destination. What a ‘surprise’. To be honest, we were not prepare at all for the ‘gifts’ and really got shocked! This little girl appeared in front of us without us realising it, because at first i thought she was with her family, secondly she look harmless and then “WHAM!!” she rush towards as and hug my gf’s  legs and refused to let her go. Jo was trying to drag the little girl away and told her that we didn’t want to buy roses, but this doesn’t work till she saw another couple coming from far and realised my gf from her torment. Actually we do pity the little girl but if we give her money, there will be more children that will come and beg for us again. This is just the tactic of China’s sindiket. Even KL is already like this in Jalan Alor, little girl with a tissue box rings a bell?


Anyway, what’s this unpleasant experience compare to the replica park – Window of the World that really ‘opens up’ my eyes?


If travelling around the world is your dream, then Window of the World would definitely be an ideal place to visit. Here you can see vivid replicas of world’s famous sites, all in just a days time. All the masterpiece are built at the ratios of 1:1; 1:5: 1:15.


Walking around this park could be extremely tiring, that’s why we decided to rent a small car/bike or whatchamacallit and drove around ourself. There is no way that we can kill our legs on the second day of our journey. But if you’re afford to pay more, this would be a good idea to surprise your partner.


We didn’t manage to finish all 100 over attractions and watch any of the performances. We also cannot name all the attractions here, but most of the attractions do have the ‘wow’ effect on us. I will definitely be coming back here again and spend a whole day just to see the attractions.





Imperial Palace, JapanItsukushima Shrine Red Torii Gate, Japan


Taj Mahal, India




Windmill, Holland


Mont-Saint-Michel, France - Isn't this where Inkheart was filmed?



Jurassic Park


The Dwelling - Houses & Wooden Churches, Russia


Court of the Lions in the Alhambra Palace


The Heliroidal Minaret, Iraq


The Little Mermaid of Copenhagen, Denmark

The Little Mermaid of Copenhagen, Denmark


St. Peter's, Catican

The Colosuem, Italy

The Colosuem, Italy

I went to grab the China’s Walls ice-cream, my gf and Ms. Oh kept looking at the stall next to it – costume wearing. The pricing stated on the poster is RMB20, but just with Ms. Oh’s eye contact, the lady offered us RMb10 per person. that’s about RM5 only… so cheap! Pity Jo, she wasn’t given a chance to say does she want or not or even a minute to choose what does she want, the lady already put on the Ge Ge costume for her. It is really something unexpected that Jo will dress up like Ge Ge, this is why my gf keeps teasing her since that day.

We charged our batteries at a teahouse located at the Window of the World. What i meant by batteries is that our leg needed the rest, our stomach need to be fed for us to go on.

Zhong Qing Hot & Sour Noodle (重庆酸辣粉); RMB10 – This is my favourite, it looks oily but actually it’s not. It looks spicy but instead, it gives you a type of numbing feeling.

This item is called duck blood noodles, 鸭血粉 (RMB10), but in fact it some yellow noodles tossed with pickles and chili oil. Hunan’s specialty, taste good also.


My gf ordered this thing which looks like kebab, 肉夹镆 (RMB10), which is stuffed with minced lamb meat, prepared with their secret sauce. Again, it’s another spicy food. Thanks God that it didn’t give us stomach pain during our journey to Guangzhou after that. Even though we didn’t have enough time in Windows of the World, but we still enjoy it though. We will definitely be back to Shenzhen again very soon. For the food, the excitement and many many more.



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4 responses to “HKG, China & Macau – Day 2 / Part 2: Window of the World

  1. Looks like a place i want to visit.

  2. I will go there next month!

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