HKG, China & Macau Trip – Day 2 / Part 3: Guangzhou

After we left Window of the World, we took the subway back to Lo Wu again. Jo wasn’t following us to Guangzhou and left the three of us to explore the Mainland of China. Shenzhen’s train station is very misleading, different destination’s train tickets are sold at different hall. 99% of the signs are in Mandarin only, the other 1% in English which you see are not useful at all.

When we were looking for the ticket machines, I only get to know that there are two trains going to Guangzhou – Guangzhou and Guangzhou East. Ms. Oh and I were so excited want to get the ticket to Guangzhou but stopped by my gf. Luckily she did her homework before we came here, or else we won’t know that Guangzhou East station is the one going to Guangzhou city itself. So confusing!


While waiting for the gate to open, we saw a guy using this machine. Out of curiosity, we also put our ticket there to try it out and it printed out a receipt of the same exact copy of our ticket. No Scans, nothing but simply pressing the ticket onto the wall. Something new that isn’t found in Malaysia yet, or probably, almost never.


Gate is only open 15 minutes before departure time, but those people were like runaway from the bom instead of lining up to take train. A lady even push my gf away from collecting her luggage, somemore this lady even scold my gf disturbing only. WTF?


Our journey to GZ took an hour only, but to kill time, we bought lots of tit-bits from a groceries shop at the train station before departure. For those who are going to visit China for the first time soon, bear in mind that most of the grocery stores don’t give plastic bag. You have to bring your own carry bag or pay RMB5 for a plastic bag.

Hunan specialty – lamb stick that I wish can find it in Malaysia too

We arrived GZ East sharp at 7:17pm. The hotel that we’re staying is actually not that far from here, but we wasted a lot of time as most of the signages here are misleading or provide incomplete information.

After checked in, we only walk around the areas nearby our hotel to have a look how is Guangzhou like. Not much different from what we always see from tv drama, there are a lot of bicycle. But we didn’t realise that the bicycle lane is actually on the opposite direction from the vehicle lane until my gf was knocked by a bicycle that came from the left, while I was very sure that no car is coming from the right.

Most of the shops were about to close already except those eating places. We end up having our supper at this small shop that looks like very ‘famous’ – 芬芳甜品店. The first time when we noticed about this shop, there were no seats for us. So we walked around again before came back to try our luck for second time. Inside the shop, you can see many newspaper cutting about this place being framed and displayed on the wall.

(From left to right) Pan-fried dumpling 煎饺– 10 pcs for RMB6; Traditional glutinous ball with peanut糖不甩 – RMB5; Fresh fruits topped with ice cream 鲜果杂果雪球– RMB7; Mango with  sago and coconut milk 椰汁香芒西米露– RM6; Mango Pudding with Red Bean 香芒冻布丁 – RMB7.

Overall, we were very dissapointed with the food quality here. Look at the ice cream, it’s melt already! My mango is sour! The pan-fried dumpling was actually frozen one, we saw them taking it out from the fridge when we ordered it. But we still don’t understand how can this place be full while the food is not nice at all? Well, just go back hotel and have a good rest for tomorrow.


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