You’re a strong stray kitten

My dearest fur fur,

img_8663 You must be resting now, with the drip on your leg. Yes, we know how painful is it and how suffer you are now because our heart is as painful as what you’re going through now. Everytime i see you my tears come out, sad but true. Never felt like this before ever since my late dog Shaggy passed away and i do not want that to happen to you. Same goes to your mummy, who cries everytime when she thought of you lying down in the hospital, not next to her.

Even though you’re with us for about two months only, but you’ve stolen our heart away. Without you, your mummy cannot sleep well at night, how she miss the days you disturbed her sleeping at night, bitting her fingers and jumping on her head or kissing her nose. Without you, the house is so quiet because you’re not here to bring us cheers and laughter. Without you, everything is just like unusual… because we don’t hear the bell rings and we don’t see you jumping here and there on the couch. You know, your mummy even said that she feels very weird for don’t have to clean up your litter tray these two days.

We know that even you’re just a stray cat, but you’re a strong stray kitten, not to mention smart, you’re not like those ordinary expensive cats out there in the petshop which is lazy. No matter what, you must eat and drink on time so that your liver and blood count will function as usual soon in order for you to undergo fracture repair on your leg, and if i ever find the person who injure you he better be careful because im going to fracture his bones too. God will forgive me because i deal punishment to those who needs to be punished.

God knows that you’re a good kitten, so He will definitely answer our prayers. You’ll be all right soon and come home staying with us again… and i know your mummy will pray for you safe return and your health so you can jump around and miaw for food or cuddles.

With love,

Daddy & Mummy



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2 responses to “You’re a strong stray kitten

  1. I hope he is OK now, is a shame that he need to pass for this, because a “human” does this kind of things.

    • herbdonald

      Thanks, i hope he will be ok soon. I check on him earlier at the vet and the doctor said should be ok by the end of the week.

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