HKG, China & Macau Trip: Day 3 / Part 2 – Eat & eat in Hong Kong

It’s already been day 3 when im already in part if China and i still can remember the events that happened, my gf was having high fever while we were on the way back from Mainland China. She panic when went through the immigration, because there is a body temperature check counter. What if they thought that she is having SARS? Well, we arrived home safely, she just think too much. But i did make fun about it and she wasnt happy if have to stay back due to some outbreak or something.

The ladies initially planned to go Temple Street for dinner but by judging my gf’s condition, she really needs a good rest. So Jo took us to the eating places nearby and here we started hunting for food.

One thing about Hong Kong no matter where you go, you’ll never get hungry. Varieties of food are available at every corner you go. Also, food in Hong Kong isn’t expensive as many Malaysian claim unless if you want to go those fancy restaurant only.

This shop that we went to may look a bit old and simple, but then it’s the most famous restaurant at this area.


The set dinner is really worth the money, it comprises of rice, 4 dishes and drink as well. However, if you want to have cold beverage, you have to pay extra HKD2. Is this how they stop people from drinking too much cold drinks? Good idea for healthy lifestyle. By the way, normally a glass of warm tea will be served too but it is for cleaning up the spoon and forks, or washing hands; not for drinking. This gave me another culture shock because i usually drink my chinese tea, not use it to wash my hands after eating.

The portion of these three ‘xiao cai’ (which means appetizer in Malaysia’s context) are really huge.

Wok-fried Broccoli with Fresh Squid

Wok-fried Broccoli with Fresh Squid

Stir-fried Hong Kong Choy Sum with Sliced Beef

Stir-fried Hong Kong Choy Sum with Sliced Beef

Braised Tofu with Chicken and Salted Fish

Braised Tofu with Chicken and Salted Fish

Simple dishes but simply delicious. However, the only dish that really attracted me is the roasted baby pigeon, a favourite food of Hong Kee. As you can normally see in Hong Kong drama, Hongkee love to tapau this dish for their family dinner during any special occasion. This is a very expensive exotic food yet hard to get in Malaysia! But here they dont serve it with the bird’s head still intact.


All because this place is famous for its char siew, so we ordered another extra item again. I never regret ordering this dish because we can never get this thick, tender & tasty char siew in Malaysia.


These much of food only costs us HKD213. Cheap or nor… I leave it to you, and knowing myself as a heavy eater i cannot finish all the dishes and it was sad. Now I just want to enjoy my dessert, then rest for tomorrow. Good night!


Mango puree with pomelo and sago


Black Glutinous Rice with mango

富成燒臘餐廳 –馬鞍山富安花園商場


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