Welcome home Lucyfurr

My dearest fur fur,

Glad that you’re home again and we can see you all the time!

We know that how much you dislike your stay in the hospital and how much you wanted to go home when you saw us visiting you. You seems like didn’t given enough food (cos you finished half bowl of crackers once you’re home) and didn’t have good rest there (cos of all the noise and miaw). We are very unhappy with that senior doctor who look down at you, because in his eye, you’re just a stray cat. Even though you’re not an expensive cat, but this doesn’t means that you can be treated that way. You’re still the creation of God!


While the doctor refused to let you discharge, but your mummy insist that it’d be better for you to rest at home. At least you’ll have daddy and mummy to take care of you, with all our heart and love. Your mummy said that all the excuses the doctor gave on why you should still be in the hospital is like they can provide you better food (Sure? But the another lady doctor told us that we can also get that particular brand of food at any pet shop!). We’re very unhappy that he put on splint for you without our consent, then giving us all the stupid excuse like you’re just a stray cat, no point to spend so much on fracture repair surgery which can cost us a bomb (have we ever say that we can’t pay for it? and sometimes i do wonder how much a bomb cost). Obviously, this is discrimination. Then when your mummy question him again, he said this is the best that he could think of for you. What?! All you need now is just a comfortable place to rest and certainly, hospital isn’t the right choice.

We can see how excited and happy are you to be at home. However, my fur fur, you’re not suppose to move around so much. It’s not good for your leg if you put too much pressure on it. You’re a strong kitten and you must prove to the doctor that you can heal faster when resting at home. Daddy and mummy miss the time we play ball together , so you must get well soon k!

With love,

Daddy & Mummy


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