HKG, China & Macau Trip – Day 4/Part 2: Ladies Street & A Symphony of Lights

Honestly, im surprise that i can still remember my adventure in Hong Kong as if i just left yesterday, but love to share it with the readers. We continued with our journey to Ladies Street @ Mongkok after an enjoyable shopping experience at Citygate Outlets. Tis’ my first time stepped into Kowloon area and just like a kampung boy, it’s really a culture shock to me! Different from any other places that we went these few days, Mongkok is  a really very busy area. The first time i saw this place was on tv while watching the Amazing Race Asia season 2 when they were rushing about looking for a particular handbag.


Right when we came out from the MTR Mongkok Station, we saw this dessert shop that we won’t want to miss. Obviously i would love to taste all the mango dessert i can find to fulfil my stomach desires, and even now i still go around looking for good mango dessert stalls in KL.


From our observation throughout the past few days, Hong Kong’s food are low in oil, salt and sugar. They definitely have a healthier lifestyle compared to us. Hui Lau Shan is one of the most famous dessert franchise in Hong Kong. Since they claim that their dessert is healthy, you don’t have to question how healthy can it be. It’s definitely not like any typical dessert in Malaysia which is super sweet. Needless to ask, this is a must order item.


杨枝甘露 (Sago wth Pamelo and Mango); HKD28

The difference between this favourite dessert of mine in Hui Lau Shan and other places is the refreshing mango sorbet. We also ordered another signature item from the menu that’s equally tasty.


多芒捞河岸 (Coconut Noodle with Extra Mango); HKD30

After having sweet dessert for the day, we walked to Ladies’ Street which is about 5 minutes away from where we were and “sold our eyes” looking at the sights around us. I was also in the lookout for an outlet that sells Xbox360, to replace the one i have at home.


As explained by its name, Ladies’ Street is certainly a shopping paradise for ladies. You name it, they have it. However, two shopaholics didn’t even buy anything here because the stuff here are over-price already, they are targeting those tourist who doesn’t know much where to shop in Hong Kong.


Damn funny, if you understand what the Chinese characters mean.


Instead of looking at ladies stuff, we were busy searching around for Mongkok’s specialty – stinky tofu. We walked around this area back and forth for many times, asking the local for direction and even almost ask the policemen who were on duty.


Actually you can smell the tofu from far away, it’s as smelly as the longkang that hasn’t been clean up for ages. I stand quite a distance away while my gf and her friend went over to buy the stinky tofu, until now i cant stand the smell. Even when i go Wangsa Maju pasar malam.


When you bite into it, is just like any normal fried tofu.


We went for a walk at Tsim Hsa Tsui harbour to watch A Symphony of Lights before dinner. Hongkee always claim that Hong Kong have the most beautiful night view.



This show is the world’s largest permanent light and sound by (awarded by Guinness World Records), that covers more than 40 buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour. The best view are the Avenue of Stars and Tsim Hsa Tsui harbour, be there earlier if you want to have a good spot. Even though laser show is longer something new to all of us, but with the strong cool wind, it’s probably one of the most memorable experience for me.

Ladies’ Street, MTR Mongkok Station Exit E2

A Symphony of Lights, MTR East Tsim Hsa Tsui Station Exit J, and follow the signs to the Avenue of Stars and Tsim Hsa Tsui waterfront.

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