X-Men Origins: Wolverine Review

After coming back today from the cinema and trying to avoid or disown those who actually watch the leaked movie. With an open mind and thinking how the movie would turn out to be after reading reviews from those who watched the leak movie and saying it’s bad. This movie is actually quite good, but dissapointingly quite short. For my money’s worth i was entertained from the first minute until the end, and hoping for one of those special ending moment after an End credit just like Ironman and Hulk.


Other sites do not do justice to the movie, maybe they and other readers were expecting to much. Hoping for it to be just like the comic book. Because, if you want to go watch a movie, dont expect to much and enjoy it like a new movie instead and do not compare it to something you have grown up with or is a Hero icon to some boys out there. Victor Creed a.k.a Sabretooth, played by (Liev Schreiber) portrays the half-brother of Wolverine and is played well throughout the whole movie. But i wonder to myself, how come he doesnt remember John Logan in the X-Men movie and got blasted fairly easy by Cyclops when in this movie he is a total badass.

Wade “Deadpool” Wilson played by (Ryan Reynolds), one of my favourite star ever since Van Wilder, acted the character Deadpool really well but i was sad from the fact that he was totally quiet during the final fight, because me being a fan of deadpool and have tons of his comics, is never quiet during a fight. The director doesnt give him justice and even if there is a Deadpool movie in the future (i hope), the directors better make certain on how he got to talk after his mouth is sewn close.


For a movie being under production for many years, you can see that much of it is a rush job. The special effects isnt smooth and flesh out, the CGI scenes feels like the effects team are not doing their job, the supposed X-Men which escaped with the help of a “mentor” looks like they were pick up from a crowd of wannabe actors lining up for extras. But all in all, this does not take my mind away from the actual movie, i just wish that the movie was longer like other Marvel movies.

The fight scene between Wolverine, Sabretooth and Deadpool is the ultimate fight scene, but this is predictable because in every action movie, there must ALWAYS be a fight with the ultimate boss. Ala Matrix, Star Wars and soon to be Star Trek. Deadpool’s powers were shown here perfectly from the comic book except, the use of Optic Blast, i dont remember him having that in the comic unless i missed Cable/Deadpool series in which he used it. Reynold’s should be given more screentime and more lines. The whole cinema laugh when he crack his best one liners in the first 15minutes in the movie.


Overall, this movie is all about Wolverine and should focus on only him, as the other Weapon X team are just fillers that reflects on his life becoming “the best there is”, and Silverfox are just eye candy for the guys and Gambit are for the girls. But to me it feels like the directors are trying to make Gambit Origins and Deadpool Origins with the amount of screentime these people have. Even if it is a few minutes. I just hope Marvel takes their movie direction more seriously in making it’s superhero movies more memorable like Spiderman. With the upcoming Thor, Ironman, Captain America and the much anticipated Avengers movie. I hope they do not dissapoint because there are so many fans out there that are very hard to pleased, but to me i will just watch it because i love comic movies, and know my money is well spend on. Time to read my Ultimate’s comic. See you at the movies! ^_^


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